Palestra: Management and Analysis of Complex Networks in eScience

04/09/2015 - 14:00
Sala 351- IC-3,5
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP
Instituto de Computação - IC
Sexta-feira, 04/09/2015, às 14:00 horas
Sala 351- IC-3,5
Prof. André Santanchè
Instituto de Computação, Unicamp


        Real world complex systems can be modeled as networks of
        linked elements called complex networks. The topology and
        dynamics of such networks have been shown more similar than
        expected, independently of their domain or function -- e.g.,
        sociology, biology and web science -- enabling the
        generalization of models and reuse of solutions, fostering a
        convergence of several domains to a common paradigm around a
        network science.

        Research with complex networks are still based in the
        development of specialized ad-hoc solutions for each problem,
        requiring long and costly implementations. Solutions for
        recurrent demands of problems are reimplemented with low or no
        reuse, e.g., efficient approaches to access big data volumes
        when handled by analysis algorithms.

        Currently the Laboratory of Information Systems -- LIS
        (Institute of Computing, Unicamp) has been conducting research
        involving models, strategies and infrastructures to manage and
        to analyze complex networks under a database perspective. We
        are conceiving an infrastructure that embraces a complete
        cycle of data management and analysis based on networks,
        focused in the eScience context.

        In this talk we will focus in the following topics: (i) a
        database perspective over complex networks analysis, mediated
        by a query language, which is able to combine classical
        database languages with complex network metrics; (ii) the role
        of graph databases in this scenario, as well as their
        interaction and coexistence with other database models and
        external resources, like spreadsheets; (iii) management of
        graph versions, layers and scales in a database; (iv) models
        and strategies to address practical scenarios of complex
        networks, as the role of the information flow in the dynamics
        of social networks.

        Short bio:

        Professor and researcher at the Institute of Computing --
        Unicamp (since 2010); coordinator of the Laboratory of
        Information Systems -- LIS, and research coordinator of the
        Gamux -- game development and research group; Ph.D. in
        Computer Science at Unicamp (2006).  Teaches since 1989. His
        research interests are organized in two main groups: (i)
        encompasses a convergence among Web Science + Network Science
        + Data Science/Engineering, including: complex networks,
        semantic web, ontologies, graph databases and the application
        of these topics in eScience and Education; (ii) combines Games
        and Education in a perspective of tools to think and play,
        including: simulation and virtual laboratories, web authoring,
        web components and web for mobile.

        Responsável: Profa. Ariadne M. B. R. Carvalho
        Fone: (19) 3521-5864
        Instituto de Computação, Unicamp