The Computing Institute was created by UNICAMP in 1996, in accordance with Resolution CONSU-A-001/1996 of 26/03/1996, to fulfill its mission of teaching, research, and other services to society in the areas of Science and Technology of Computing.

The Institute's origins date back to 1969, when a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science was created at UNICAMP. This course was the first of its kind in Brazil, and served as a model for countless other degree programs across the country. That same year, the Computer Science Department (DCC) was created within the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (IMECC). In March 1996, the Department ceased to be part of IMECC, and became UNICAMP's 20th teaching and research unit.

In 1977 the Postgraduate Program started with the Master's course in Computer Science. The Doctorate in Computer Science was created in 1997.

Currently, the Institute offers undergraduate courses in Computer Engineering (jointly with the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; a Graduate Program, leading to Master and Doctor degrees; and several specialization and university extension courses.

The Institute's professors are engaged in hundreds of research projects, covering almost all sub-areas of Computing and with a prominent role in the development of Computer Science in Brazil; as well as numerous consultancy and research agreements with government agencies and private companies.

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