Organizational Identity

Future vision

To be a national and international reference in the training of qualified professionals committed to the human values ​​of society and in the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in Computing, in the excellence of teaching, research and extension.


Train professionals of excellence in Computing, to benefit society.


  • Academic autonomy and didactic and scientific freedom;
  • Commitment to society's needs;
  • Commitment to scientific, cultural, economic and social progress;
  • Ethics, honesty, transparency and integrity;
  • Excellence in students' professional training;
  • Inseparability of teaching, research and extension;
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship and promotion of local industry;
  • Respect for the other, pluralism, diversity, cultural values;
  • Responsibility in the management of human and material resources;


  • Agility and efficiency in administrative and academic processes and procedures;
  • Attracting and retaining talents in line with IC principles and values;
  • Development of academic and administrative leadership;
  • Collaborative spirit in academic, scientific and administrative activities;
  • Excellence in teaching, research, extension and management activities;
  • Excellence in teaching, research, extension and process management;
  • Promotion of creativity and technological innovation;
  • Promotion of inter, multi and transdisciplinarity;
  • Promotion of a healthy work environment and the well-being of the community;
  • Promotion of the use of knowledge to meet the needs of society.