10 Jun 2024
09:00 Doctoral defense fully remotely
CMFog: Proactive content migration in multi-tier Fog Computing
Marcelo Claudio Sousa Araújo
Advisor / Teacher
Luiz Fernando Bittencourt
Brief summary
The digital revolution, driven by the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, has radically transformed society's interaction with the digital world. This new computing scenario brought with it challenges and needs that highlighted the limitations of the Cloud Computing paradigm. By decentralizing computing resources and migrating them to the edge of the network, the concept of Fog Computing emerges as an alternative to overcoming the limitations of the Cloud, bringing computing closer to users and aiming to provide an infrastructure capable of meeting low latency demands. and real-time interactions. However, the characteristic mobility of users and edge sensors introduces complex challenges that need to be overcome for Névoa to be able to guarantee low latency regardless of the user's location. In this context, this thesis proposes CMFog, a proactive content migration strategy in the multi-level Mist infrastructure, with the objective of optimizing communication latency. CMFog integrates mobility prediction to dynamically adapt the infrastructure to user needs and seeks to explore the different levels of Mist to increase flexibility and effectiveness when deciding the migration destination of user content. By utilizing the Multiple Attributes Decision Making (MADM) methodology, CMFog offers a flexible decision-making strategy in which multiple factors can be considered and weighted appropriately to make migration decisions that can meet the needs of users.
Examination Board
Luiz Fernando Bittencourt IC / UNICAMP
Juliana Freitag Borin IC / UNICAMP
Sandro Rigo IC / UNICAMP
Júlio Cezar Estrella ICMC / USP
Fabio Luciano Verdi DComp / UFSCar
Fábio Luiz Usberti IC / UNICAMP
Allan Mariano de Souza IC / UNICAMP
Douglas Dyllon Jeronimo de Macedo CIN/UFSC
Jó Ueyama ICMC / USP