09 Mar
14:00 Master's Defense Fully distance
Link Maintenance in the Semantic Web
André Gomes Regino
Advisor / Teacher
Julio Cesar dos Reis
Brief summary
Connections between data elements described via the RDF model are at the heart of the Semantic Web. The growing number of structured data published in RDF repositories confirms the real potential of the global data space proposed by the Semantic Web view. Usually, connections are determined using semiautomatic instance matching algorithms using similarity calculation methods. Currently, there is a huge mass of interconnected data that requires automatic methods and tools to deal with its consistency. Although the implementation of change operations in RDF data sets is essential to guarantee the evolution of structured data, such operations can influence the established links, which makes the consistency of data connections over time difficult. This research aims to investigate new methods and algorithms capable of correcting connections between structured data (organized according to ontologies) according to the evolution of ontological properties. This involves designing techniques and formalizing changes operations on ontologies and on links between instances of ontology concepts, as well as determining rules necessary for the execution of operations. The contribution is the design and development of an automatic method that, supported by operations of changes in RDF bases, applies adaptation actions on links. Results will make it possible to keep the established connections up to date in accordance with the evolution of knowledge base concepts.
Examination Board
Julio Cesar dos Reis IC / UNICAMP
Dilvan de Abreu Moreira ICMC / USP
Leonardo Montecchi IC / UNICAMP
André Santanchè IC / UNICAMP
Marcos Da Silveira Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology / Luxembourg