16 Apr
16:00 Master's Defense Room 85 - IC 2
Clipped Euclidean Distance Representation of Shapes
Gustavo Yudi Bientinezi Matsuzake
Advisor / Teacher
Jorge Stolfi
Brief summary
In this dissertation we study the use of the truncated Euclidean distance transform to represent the shape of n-dimensional objects, with emphasis on two and three dimensions for computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) applications. The representation consists of a digital image where each pixel contains the distance from its center to the object's border, quantized and truncated. We studied algorithms for converting to and from other shape representations, such as binary and ternary images, polygons and triangles meshes, and procedural models.
Examination Board
Jorge Stolfi IC / UNICAMP
Sandra Eliza Fontes from Avila IC / UNICAMP
Elisa de Cássia Silva Rodrigues IMC / UNIFEI
Helio Pedrini IC / UNICAMP
Rodrigo Minetto DAINF / UTFPR