27 Apr
10:00 Master's Defense Room 85 - IC 2
Road Side Unit Allocation Aware of Obstacles with Different Signal Propagation Models
Matheus Ferraroni Sanches
Advisor / Teacher
Leandro Aparecido Villas
Brief summary
Advances in vehicular networks have provided conditions for services with strict latency, availability and reliability requirements to be established. The use of Roadside Units (RSUs) played a key role in meeting these requirements. For this to occur, in addition to the coordinated use of RSUs, there must be optimization of geographic allocation to improve performance without wasting resources, since the cost of allocating a RSU is often high. However, current work realizes the allocation of RSUs without considering the different communication models that take into account the signal degradation caused by obstacles. Thus, this work proposes the use of these models of signal degradation in the coordinated allocation of RSUs by means of a genetic algorithm. The results obtained after the allocation of RSUs were able to find viable solutions with the different degradation models tested, reaching a total coverage of the scenario between 19% to 100%.
Examination Board
Leandro Aparecido Villas IC / UNICAMP
Lucas Francisco Wanner IC / UNICAMP
Roberto Sadao Yokoyama CECS / UFABC
Luiz Fernando Bittencourt IC / UNICAMP
Rodolfo Ipolito Meneguette ICMC / USP