1. Is the course a lato sensu graduate course?

No. This course is a postgraduate university extension course. Students do not have a monograph at the end of the course.

2. There is a selection process for the course?

Yes. The curriculum and school history presented by the applicants are analyzed. More information consult Registrations.

3. Can the subjects of this course be used for the master's degree?

Not. The level between the master's and extension modalities are different and the rules of the Master's Program to which the interested party intends to participate must be obeyed.

4. What are the prerequisites for the course?

The prerequisite is complete higher education. It is not mandatory, but it is expected that the interested party has a working knowledge of computer programming logic that will allow them to follow the classes.

5. Who is the target audience of the course?

Informatics professionals trained in Computing or similar areas, such as Engineering or Exacts, who want to train themselves for the development, testing and management of software projects with quality.

6. Is it possible to take some of the subjects instead of the whole course?

Yes. If there are vacancies, we make it available for interested parties to participate in subjects on a separate basis. The interested party goes through a selection process similar to that of regular students and a Certificate of Participation in the discipline is issued.

7. Is the course offered in Classroom or Distance Learning format?

The course is offered 100% at a distance with live classes with the Course Professors, with only 1 asynchronous discipline (with recorded classes).

8. How can I get information about the application period?

It is possible to register on the Extecamp website and receive information when the course enters the period of Registrations.

9. Am I entitled to a university card (student card)?

Regularly enrolled students are entitled to a student card for the period of the course, upon request to Extecamp and payment of the manufacturing fee, for the issuance of the 1st copy.

10. How do I get a scholarship on the course?

We have a quota of scholarships that will be awarded to students who are selected according to the following criteria:

  • Proven financial need according to documentation to be delivered.
  • Good performance in the first two disciplines.
  • Be up to date with the payment of course installments (January, February and March).

The discounts granted will be in effect from April.