Graduation Committee

Each Undergraduate Course under the responsibility of the Institute has an Undergraduate Commission, which has the following duties:

  • Develop the profile of the professional to be trained and a philosophical plan of didactic-pedagogical action for teaching in the Course.
  • Prepare the full curriculum of the Course, in all its modalities and / or qualifications and curricular changes, in common agreement with the Directors of the other Units involved in the Course.
  • Carry out the distribution among teachers of the didactic load of the Course subjects related to the Institute.
  • Develop and implement a system for evaluating the Course, in line with the general parameters established by the Central Commission for Graduation and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and, with regard to the Course subjects offered by other Units, in agreement with the Directors corresponding Units;
  • Approve a schedule of semiannual activities designed to promote the curricular integration of all subjects and teachers assigned to the Course;
  • Organize evaluation discussions aimed at contributing to the development of teaching activities related to the semester, in a consultative character, which will include teachers and students of the Course;
  • Perform other activities related to teaching at the undergraduate level developed at the Unit responsible for the Course, upon request from the respective Congregation or the Director.

The graduation commissions have the following composition:

I. the Undergraduate Course Coordinator;

II. professors of the Institute of Computing, corresponding, at least, to 3/5 (three fifths) of the total of the members of the Commission;

III. teachers from other Units participating in the Course, corresponding to a maximum of 1/5 (one fifth) of the total members of the Commission;

IV. representation of students enrolled in the course, corresponding to a maximum of 1/5 (one fifth) of the total members of the Commission;