Composition of the CG and Secretariat

Bachelor of Computer Science - Course code at MEC: 2717 - Period from 01/07/2021 to 30/06/2023


Associate Coordinator: Prof. Dr Lucas Francisco Wanner

Student Representatives:

Computer engineering Course code at MEC: 2712

(Offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering - FEEC)

Coordinating: Dr. Lehilton Lelis Chaves Pedrosa (IC)

Associate Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jose Mario De Martino (FEEC)

Substitute Coordinator at FEEC: Prof. doctor Matheus Souza (FEEC)

Deputy Coordinator at IC: Profª. Dr. Islene Calciolari Garcia (IC)

Student Representatives: Wallace Gustavo Santos Lima ( Holder )


For matters relating to academic life (lockouts, exchanges, difficulties, …), students with AA qualification or before option (AX) should look for Professor Lehilton Lelis Chaves Pedrosa, and students with AB qualification should look for Prof. Matheus Souza.

CG / IC Compositions (Since the Creation of the IC on March 26, 1996)

IC Graduate Secretariat


Graduation Support Technical Assistant: Flavio Romeu Luzia

Denise Traldi Hermenegildo

Marcus Vinicius Luz Moraes

Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday (Except Holidays)

From 09:30 am to 16:30 pm and from 18:30 pm to 21:30 pm

Phone Number: (019) 3521-5845

E-mail: sec-grad@ic.unicamp.br

Update: 02/01/2023