Study Certificates


BIENNIUM 2023-2024

Study Certificates are offered to regular undergraduate students at Unicamp, as long as the required requirements are met, and aim at further training, through the completion of a selected set of disciplines, in specific areas of knowledge within computing.

Study Certificates in: 

  1. Algorithm Engineering
  2. Internet Technologies
  3. Visual Computing
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Information systems
  6. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

Study Certificates

Certificate of Studies is the document that certifies the conclusion of a list of disciplines that are part of a specific branch of knowledge.
The offering of Certificates of Studies as well as the definition of the list of disciplines that compose them are at the discretion of the Course Coordination responsible for the disciplines involved.
Certificates of Studies are issued by the Academic Board (DAC) when requested by regular or special students who pass all required disciplines.

Corn Informações PODEM ser obtidas no General Rules for Undergraduate Courses.


To request the Certificate of Studies, the student must file his request through the system e-DAC, using the subject “Certificate of Studies” and citing, in the text field, the name of the certificate, the catalog of which the certificate is part (course/year) and the subjects taken for this purpose.
If necessary, the Academic Board (DAC) will request that the Responsible Undergraduate Coordination issue a letter, validating compliance with the requirements.
Upon verifying compliance with the requirements, DAC will issue the Certificate and advise when it is available for collection.