Certificate in Algorithmic Engineering Studies


One of the central ideas in Computer Science is the notion of algorithm, together with its efficiency and effectiveness in solving computational problems. Many important problems can be seen as problems in the search for optimal values, within a space of viable solutions. Optimization techniques and the corresponding algorithms are therefore of great practical interest. 


Enable the postulant to algorithmically deal with a wide range of computational problems of practical interest. Provide means for the postulant to be able to accurately measure the efficiency of proposed algorithms. Offer the candidate a suitable training for the efficient treatment of combinatorial optimization problems. Provide the postulant with a solid, differentiated and broad training on the main themes that support the notion of computing, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. 

Procedure for obtaining the certificate:

Get 24 credits from:

  • MC358 - Mathematical Foundations of Computing
  • MC458 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
  • MC558 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms II 
  • MC658 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms III
  • MC668 - Bioinformatics
  • MC738 - Probabilistic Algorithms 
  • MC748 - Approximation Algorithms 
  • MC798 - Integer Linear Programming
  • MC848 - Formal Languages, Computability and Complexity
  • MC858 - Parallel Algorithms
  • MC868 - Formal Languages ​​and Automata
  • MC878 - Graph Theory and Applications
  • MC889 - Introduction to Cryptography
  • MC898 - Network Flow and Linear Programming
  • MC908 - Special Topics in Computer Theory I
  • MC918 - Topics in Computer Theory I
  • MC928 - Topics in Computer Theory II
  • MC938 - Cryptographic Algorithms
  • MC948 - Computational Geometry 

The renewal of the offer of the certificate will occur every two years, by decision of the CG / IC approved by the Congregation of the IC.