Visual Computing Certificate


Digital images are present in several scenarios: digital TV, internet, medical examinations, information management systems by remote sensing, security systems and access control by biometrics, quality control systems in the production of artifacts, etc. As a consequence, the demand for Engineering and Computer professionals with specific knowledge in manipulating digital images is increasing.


The purpose of this certificate is to certify the complementary training of computer professionals in techniques of processing, synthesis, storage, retrieval, visualization, and analysis of digital images.

Procedure for obtaining the certificate

Elective courses

Get 20 credits from:  

  • MC886 Machine Learning
  • MC906 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • MC919 Special Topics in Graphics Processing
  • MC920 Introduction to Digital Image Processing
  • MC930 Computer Graphics
  • MC937 Computer Graphics
  • MC940 Image Processing and Analysis
  • MC948 Computational Geometry
  • MC949 Computer Vision
  • MC950 Image Recovery by Content

The renewal of the offer of the certificate will occur every two years, by decision of the CG / IC approved by the Congregation of the IC.