Dedicated Hardware Systems Design Certificate


The growing demand for electronic devices incorporated in a wide variety of products such as personal organizers (PDA), portable MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras etc., offering the most diverse functionalities, has brought a great growth to the complexity of the projects developed in the electronics industry over the last few years. Currently, using projects known as System-on-Chip (SoC), it is possible to design a complete dedicated system within a single integrated circuit. As we reach the availability of 100 million transistors, provided by the emergence of 90nm technology for the design of integrated circuits (VLSI), a new scenario is designed in which SoCs can be composed of several specialized processors connected through a Network-on -a-Chip (NoC). Considering the design of new processors, we see that, due to the great variability of applications and performance, consumption and cost requirements, more and more specialized architectures are being proposed, making evident the necessity of the designer to adapt the instruction set architecture and the organization of a processor to a given application. 


This certificate aims to train undergraduate students with advanced knowledge of computer architecture and modern techniques of digital systems projects, especially those aimed at the development of dedicated systems and IPs (intellectual property), which can be implemented in the form of System- on-Chip (SoC). The courses associated with this certificate emphasize the most important aspects in the design process of such systems: architecture, organization and design of VLSI digital systems. 

Procedure for obtaining the certificate:

Get 20 credits from:

  • MC613 Logic Circuits Laboratory
  • MC732 Computer Systems Design
  • MC852 Parallel Architectures
  • MC922 VLSI Design Principles
  • MC923 Digital Systems Design with HDLs
  • MC972 Topics in Architecture and Hardware I
  • MC973 Topics in Architecture and Hardware II

The renewal of the offer of the certificate will occur every two years, by decision of the CG / IC approved by the Congregation of the IC.