Certificate in Information Systems


The use of information systems in the most diverse areas of knowledge is growing (for example, geographic information systems, biodiversity information systems, etc.). In this scenario, there is a demand for professionals capable of designing and implementing efficient information systems that meet the particularities of each application. The profile of these professionals must therefore include the ability to work in groups, in general, associated with multi and interdisciplinary activities. 


Provide the candidate with solid, differentiated and broad training on the main topics related to the design and implementation of information systems. 

Procedure for obtaining the certificate:

Get 26 credits from:

  • MC426 Introduction to Software Engineering
  • MC437 Information Systems Project
  • MC536 Databases: Theory and Practice
  • MC626 Analysis and Design of Information System
  • MC726 Analysis and Design of Information Systems II
  • MC750 Construction of Human-Computer Interfaces
  • MC920 Introduction to Digital Image Processing
  • MC926 Topics in Software Engineering I
  • MC936 Topics in Information Systems
  • MC956 Topics in Databases
  • MC959 Topics in Artificial Intelligence I

The renewal of the offer of the certificate will occur every two years, by decision of the CG / IC approved by the Congregation of the IC.