Certificate in Internet Technologies


The internet has become the preferred means of integrating new technologies in Telecommunications Computing with the growing offer of new applications and services in several areas such as communication protocols, distributed systems, mobile computing, encryption, security and privacy, administration, etc. demanding professionals at the same time specialized and with comprehensive training.


Provide undergraduate students with training aimed at mastering the techniques and technologies required for the development of new applications and services for the Internet; it also aims to encourage students to participate in research and graduate activities in the area.

Procedure for obtaining the certificate:

Get 26 credits from:

MC714 Distributed Systems
MC750 Construction of Human-Computer Interfaces
MC832 Computer Networks
MC833 Computer Network Programming
MC842 Computer Network Administration
MC942 Computer Network Security
MC953 Topics in Computer Networks I
MC962 Multimedia Network Project
MC963 Topics in Computer Networks II
MC964 Topics in Distributed Computing

The renewal of the offer of the certificate will occur every two years, by decision of the CG / IC approved by the Congregation of the IC.