Degree Collation

First half of 2020


  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Date: 21/08/2020 (Friday)

Schedule Beginning of the Ceremony: 14:30 pm. Trainees must arrive at the ceremony site at 13 pm, without fail.

Location: Auditorium III of the Unicamp Convention Center


Basic procedures when verifying that you are a trainee:

1) If you owe a document to DAC, please follow the instructions below to clear your debt. Otherwise, your diploma will not be issued:

  • The delivery of missing personal documents will only be carried out via e-Dac, as DAC no longer accepts documentation physically delivered via service / office / service desk. Access to the system is through the DAC Portal >> Students >> e-Dac >> Make Request >> Document Delivery.

DAC calls for special attention to the following guidelines:

  • All documents must be digitized, front and back, even if the back is blank;
  • All documents must be legible;
  • It is not necessary to send documents that already appear in the GED legibly and in front and back and that do not have a pending status in SIGA. Please hold these conferences before recommending that the document be sent. This also applies to re-enrolling students (who are entering the University again, regardless of level) who have already submitted documentation in a previous enrollment;
  • All students and alumni have access to the system.

2) If you are unable to attend the degree ceremony, nominate a proxy to represent you at the same, filling in the form power of attorney form. Leave the power of attorney with who will represent you at the ceremony and tell that person to hand it over to someone from the IC Graduate Secretariat at the event site, before the ceremony begins. This power of attorney is simple and has no need for notarization.

Instructions to consult and / or print your diploma, by accessing the Academic Directorate (DAC) website.

Any problem should be contacted by Mr. Rafael Garcia Prieto from DAC (Academic Registration and Management), telephone (019) 3521-6665.

Possible Graduates of the first semester of 2020.

Bachelor of Computer Science:

Computer Engineering - AA Type:

Computer Engineering - AB Mode:

Updated 18/02/2020