Degree Collation

First half of 2021


  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Virtual Ceremony Start Time:

Location: Ceremony link will be announced in advance

Broadcast Link: https://aovivo.ic.unicamp.br


Basic procedures when verifying that you are a trainee:

1) If you owe a document to DAC, please follow the instructions below to clear your debt. Otherwise, your diploma will not be issued:

  • The delivery of missing personal documents will only be carried out via e-Dac, as DAC no longer accepts documentation physically delivered via service / office / service desk. Access to the system is through the DAC Portal >> Students >> e-Dac >> Make Request >> Document Delivery.

DAC calls for special attention to the following guidelines:

  • All documents must be digitized, front and back, even if the back is blank;
  • All documents must be legible;
  • It is not necessary to send documents that already appear in the GED legibly and in front and back and that do not have a pending status in SIGA. Please hold these conferences before recommending that the document be sent. This also applies to re-enrolling students (who are entering the University again, regardless of level) who have already submitted documentation in a previous enrollment;
  • All students and alumni have access to the system.

Instructions to consult and / or print your diploma, by accessing the Academic Directorate (DAC) website.

Any problems, contact Mr. Rafael Garcia Prieto and Mr. Calimério Donizette da Silva from DAC (Academic Registration and Management), email: rafaelgp@unicamp.br // casilva@unicamp.br

Possíveis Formandos do primeiro semestre de 2021.

Bachelor of Computer Science:

Computer Engineering - AA Type:

Computer Engineering - AB Mode:

Updated: 02/03/2021