Degree Collation

First half of 2021


  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Data: 27/08/2021 (Friday)

Virtual Ceremony Start Time16h30

Location: Ceremony link will be announced in advance

Broadcast Link: https://aovivo.ic.unicamp.br


Basic procedures when verifying that you are a trainee:

1) If you owe a document to DAC, please follow the instructions below to clear your debt. Otherwise, your diploma will not be issued:

  • The delivery of missing personal documents will only be carried out via e-Dac, as DAC no longer accepts documentation physically delivered via service / office / service desk. Access to the system is through the DAC Portal >> Students >> e-Dac >> Make Request >> Document Delivery.

DAC calls for special attention to the following guidelines:

  • All documents must be digitized, front and back, even if the back is blank;
  • All documents must be legible;
  • It is not necessary to send documents that already appear in the GED legibly and in front and back and that do not have a pending status in SIGA. Please hold these conferences before recommending that the document be sent. This also applies to re-enrolling students (who are entering the University again, regardless of level) who have already submitted documentation in a previous enrollment;
  • All students and alumni have access to the system.

Instructions to consult and / or print your diploma, by accessing the Academic Directorate (DAC) website.

Any problems, contact Mr. Rafael Garcia Prieto and Mr. Calimério Donizette da Silva from DAC (Academic Registration and Management), email: rafaelgp@unicamp.br // casilva@unicamp.br

Possible Fin the first semester of 2021.

Bachelor of Computer Science:

Andrew Jye Shih Chuang                  
Daniel Pereira Rodrigues                
Daniela Palumbo Jorge                   
Danilo Marcolino Valente                
Guilherme Dumas Peres                   
Gustavo Henrique Storti Salibi          
Gustavo Villela Taufic                  
Hugo Stanisce Denari                    
João Pedro Congio Martins               
João Vitor Araki Gonçalves              
Jose Henrique Ferreira Pinto            
José Carlos Vasques Moreira             
Leonardo Guedes Moreira                 
Luara Peres Oliveira da Silva           
Lucas Felix Dantas Rocha                
Lucas Piscello Cosme                    
Luiz Miguel Cerqueira                   
Marcus Danilo Leite Rodrigues           
Marina Miranda Aranha                   
Miguel Augusto Silva Guida              
Raphael Pavan Silva                     
Rogério Guimarães Meirelles             
Vinícius Andrade Santos                 
Vítor Mosso Dario                       
William Ryuji Massuda                   

Computer Engineering - AA Type:

Bruno Dias Sepulveda                    
Carlos Avelar Martins de Sousa          
Daniel Pereira Ferragut                 
Danilo Perina Mendes                    
Ezra Rodrigues do Carmo               
Érico Iago Maldonado Faustino           
Fernando Cezar Mendes Paredes           
Gabriel Souza Franco                    
Guilherme Henrique Higa Santana         
Gunter Mingato de Oliveira              
Ismael Pereira Santos de Melo           
João Paulo Soubihe                      
Jonathas Rocha Limirio Sardinha         
Kauan Mitsuharu Takeda                  
Lucas Barretto Andrade                  
Lucas Dos Santos Ramos                  
Lucas Henrique Waki                     
Luciano Gigantelli Zago                 
Marcelo Biagi Martins                   
Matt Joaquim                          
Mateus Shiguetochi Kimura               
Matheus Mendes Araujo                   
Matheus Rotta Alves                     
Pedro Gabriel Martins Ono               
Thiago Dong Chen                        
Tiago Loureiro Chaves                   
Victor Juliani Rodrigues                
Vinícius Couto Espindola                

Computer Engineering - AB Mode:

Felipe Balabanian                       
Gabriel Lopes de Cicco                  
Gabriel Ribeiro Lencione                
Guilherme Campello Raposo Lopes         
Kairo Vinícius Ramos                    
Lucas Bertoloto Pereira                 
Lucca Maia Bollani                      

Updated: 06/04/2021