The internship is the activity commonly provided by students, in companies or public offices, aiming at professional improvement in their area of ​​study. The contract is concluded between the student and the borrower, with the intervention of the educational institution.

The function of the internship is to provide apprentices with practical knowledge of professional functions, and allows students to empirically contact the theoretical subjects passed on to them in the classroom.

It is up to the educational institution to establish criteria for authorizing internships. For students of the Computer Science course (42) and Computer Engineering - Computer Systems modality (34AA) the criteria are available below in quick access.

To enroll in an internship discipline (MC019 or MC020) in addition to having an approved internship according to the criteria highlighted above, it is necessary to observe the internal rules defined by the Institute of Computing available below in quick access.

Quick access:

- Criteria for conducting an internship

Criteria for carrying out the internship discipline

– Internship Report Template

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