Important Information on the Registration Application Procedure  

- Registration authorization requests (AA200 prerequisite):

  1. SAVE (System of Assessments and Requirements):
    1. Supervised Internship (MC019 / MC020): For these disciplines, in the SAveR part, in the part that is to indicate the teacher, please appoint only the IC Graduate Coordinator and no other teacher.
    2. Directed Study (MC032 / MC033)
    3. Scientific Initiation Internship (MC040 / MC041)
    4. Final Graduation Project (MC030)
    5. Monitoring (MC050 / MC051)

      Observation:  all documentation relevant to these disciplines must be submitted through the SAVE (System of Assessments and Requirements) in the period of enrollment or change of enrollment, so that it is analyzed and authorized by the Undergraduate Secretariat, except MC050 / MC051 (which do not require additional documentation for analysis, it is enough for the student to be part Didactic Support Program, as a scholarship or volunteer). After the application is authorized in SAveR, the student must apply for enrollment in the DAC system to actually enroll. 
  2.  Undergraduate Coordinators: other subjects.

B - Prioritize the enrollment request in the classes reserved for your course.

- Prioritize the application for enrollment in classes that still have vacancies. It is not possible to obtain enrollment in crowded classes that have a laboratory (such as, for example, MC102), due to the limitation of computers in the laboratory rooms.

- Students who have not failed the last two semesters will have their credit limit increased.

E - Through the Intergrado Training Program (PIF) it is possible to take courses simultaneously as a regular undergraduate student and as a special graduate student, thus advancing credits for a possible master's or doctorate. For more information about PIF, visit:

Integrated Training Program - Enrollment as a Special Graduate Student

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