The Profs. Guido Araújo, Lucas Wanner and Sandro Rigo participate in a partnership with the Eldorado Institute and Europe for AI Acceleration with RISC-V

Matrix Multiplication is the most important operation of AI applications, including Large Language Models like ChatGPT.

In mid-2023, professors Lucas Wanner, Sandro Rigo and Guido Araújo, from the Computing Systems Laboratory (LSC), began conversations with the Eldorado Research Institute and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in Spain, focusing on the project of a new Accelerator for Matrix Multiplication. All this using RISC-V technologies, an open global standard for processor design.

The Eldorado Institute has one of the most advanced Integrated Circuit Engineering teams in the country, and experience in RISC-V, while BSC leads Europe's effort in the area of ​​semiconductors for High-Performance Computing (HPC). The partnership between these institutions and UNICAMP proved to be the ideal strategy to make the vision of LSC researchers viable.

The result of this initiative between Brazil and Europe was the beginning of an innovative project that began in March 2024, which will boost research in this area in the country.

The importance of this project is already being reported in the media: TECHNOBLOG, Telesynthesis, Govbr, INFOR CHANNEL, and Eldorado Institute, among others.

Congratulations teachers!