Professor Doctor Contest - Machine Learning - Registrations are still open until 15/04/2020 by email.

Considering Resolution GR-34/2020, which suspends face-to-face activities at UNICAMP in the period from 23.03.2020 to 30.04.2020, the Director of the Institute of Computing makes public that the registrations for public exams and titles for the provision of 1 ( a) position of Doctor Professor, level MS-3.1, in RTP, with preferential option for RDIDP, in the area of ​​Machine Learning, in the disciplines MC-886 - Machine Learning and MO-444 - Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition , from the Information Systems Department of the Institute of Computing of the State University of Campinas may be filed by sending an e-mail to rhic@ic.unicamp.br with all the documentation listed in item 3.2 of the invitation to bid, as publication in the DOE of 22/11/2019, Executive Branch, Section I, pages 227 and 228 (34-P-23787/2019). Registration for the present closes on 15/04/2020

Opening Notice:


Registrations: from 25/11/2019 to 15/04/2020, filed by sending an email to rhic@ic.unicamp.br with all the documentation listed in item 3.2 of the call for competition.

The Institute of Computing currently offers undergraduate courses in Computer Engineering (jointly with the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, the latter created in 1969 by the then Department of Computer Science and later converted into an Institute . Additionally, the Institute stands out for offering a highly recognized and qualified Graduate Program (Master and Doctorate) - CAPES Concept 7.

The contest is in RTP (Partial Shift Regime), with preferential option for RDIDP (Regime of Full Dedication to Teaching and Research), because this is the rule of UNICAMP. All IC teachers hired in the last 25 years have competed for admission to RTP. Once approved in the competition and summoned, the candidate can request the extension of the contract to the full-time regime (RDIDP), presenting a work and research plan. This extension can be processed in parallel with the RTP contracting procedure. In most cases, once the candidate is called, the whole process takes 2 to 3 months (hiring and extension). Today, the initial remuneration in RTP is R $ 1.918,76 and in RDIDP R $ 11.069,37. The food voucher for all Unicamp employees and teachers is R $ 970,00.

Other peculiarities of São Paulo state universities are: the five-year period, the sixth part and the incorporation of partial bonuses in the salaries of their civil servants and teachers. Every five years of exercise, 5% of the base salary of the level at which the civil servant is found is added to the salary (quinquennium does not affect quinquennium). In addition to the five-year period, every 20 years, a further sixth of the salary perceived at the time is added to that salary. As the calculation is made on the perceived salary, the sixth part also focuses on quinquennials already acquired. The bonuses received for exercising positions are also incorporated in proportion to the exercise time.

The IC has, so far, maintained an average of three subjects per year per teacher in RDIDP. As a rule, one professor teaches one discipline each year at graduate level and two at undergraduate level.

Every professor in the RDIDP regime of the IC is automatically accredited in the post-graduation, being able to teach disciplines and guide students of master and doctorate.

Unicamp maintains a “Research Assistance Program for Early Career Teachers”. As soon as the newly hired professor submits an individual research project to a funding agency, he is able to request and receive resources of up to R $ 15.000,00 to purchase equipment and a scholarship for a master's student.

The IC has a large park of research equipment. Almost all teachers are associated with laboratories, which bring together researchers from similar areas and optimize both the use and the search for computational resources. Participation in any laboratory is optional.

IC encourages its professors to have research collaborations with local, national and international industry. IC professors have or have had significant projects funded by: IBM, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, IRS, HP, Itautec, Serasa, among others.