Samsung starts research project focused on health in partnership with SiDi and Unicamp

Viva Bem Project is part of the Samsung Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem and uses one of the largest computers in Latin America

Samsung Brasil Research and Development Center, in partnership with the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and the SiDi Institute, started on 04/02 the Viva Bem project, which will be an Artificial Intelligence hub focused on health and well-being. be. The project will be carried out jointly by researchers from Unicamp and the Samsung R&D Center, covering lines of research that may contribute to the scientific development of the sector, as well as solutions that can be applied to Samsung products.

“Samsung recognizes the importance of initiatives in Research and Development (R&D) inside and outside Brazil. We have been working to create and contribute to them through active open innovation in cooperation with universities, research institutes and partner companies around the world”, says Fernando Arruda, Director of Planning Research and Development at Samsung in Brazil. 'The Viva Bem project will encompass scientific research focused on health and well-being, through joint work with researchers and specialists in Health and Artificial Intelligence, it is a win-win partnership and, through it, guarantee technologies advanced technologies and improve people's lives”, he adds.

To support Samsung's initiatives in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence, in 2020, the supercomputer SiDi IARA (Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Tomorrow) was launched in partnership with SiDi. It is a cluster of very high-capacity GPUs, which is currently considered the third largest supercomputer in Latin America. The IARA was built to carry out Samsung's AI initiatives and, from now on, will also be used by Unicamp researchers in the Viva Bem Project.

“In a few years, converging technologies of wearable sensors, big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms will be able to monitor our health continuously, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, enabling preventive actions in health care and well-being. . It will be possible, for example, to identify unhealthy behaviors, such as a sedentary lifestyle or poor diet, and even detect early some diseases such as the flu or the manifestation of a depressive condition, long before we feel that something is wrong, allowing more effective treatments and even avoiding certain diseases to develop. This constant analysis and supported by multiple sensory sources, preferably non-invasive, can lead to personalized and preventive solutions, providing a prospective, proactive and personalized system, instead of the classic retrospective/reactive system only. Viva Bem will allow, precisely, to carry out innovative research that can lead to important advances in health and well-being for Brazil and for the world”, says the Hub Coordinator, Professor Dr. Anderson Rocha, from the Institute of Computing at Unicamp.

“SiDi IARA is positioned as the third largest supercomputer in the country, according to the TOP500 ranking. And one of the largest in Latin America, if we consider infrastructures designed specifically for Artificial Intelligence projects”, says Carlos Pavarina, senior IT manager at SiDi. “We are excited to put this advanced infrastructure at the disposal of this partnership that involves a company like Samsung and one of the largest universities in the country. We are confident that the processing power of SiDi IARA will allow us to accelerate the development time of the researches”, he adds.

Samsung Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Samsung has been working to promote the development of technologies related to Artificial Intelligence in the country, with investments in the creation of an ecosystem involving the company, R&D Centers and Universities. In order to ensure an integral and structural approach, the Samsung Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem is based on three basic pillars: education, research and application development.

In the area of ​​education, the company has established partnerships with important Universities to promote Software Residency Programs in Artificial Intelligence that train professionals to combat the lack of qualified personnel in the area of ​​technology. As for the research pillar, Samsung has been promoting the creation of Centers of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, and the Viva Bem project is the first initiative in this regard. Application development, on the other hand, takes place when the company collaborates so that the results obtained are implemented in society, including through its products and services, promoting frequent innovations at a global level.

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