IC Internal Awards Ceremony for the Year 2022

Today we had the pleasure of holding the IC Internal Awards Ceremony for the Year 2022.

These are awards that recognize students and teachers who stood out in various activities during the previous year.

Also counting on the Ábaco Award, which is awarded to the company or organization that, over the last year, best performed
excelled in activities related to Computing

The winners were:

Best Master's Thesis Award
Author: Caroline Aparecida de Paula Silva
Advisor: Orlando Lee / Co-supervisor: Cândida Nunes da Silva
Title: “χ-Diperfect Digraphs”

Best Doctoral Thesis Award
Author: Armando Faz Hernandez.
Advisor: Julio César López Hernández
Title: “High-Performance Elliptic Curve Cryptography: A SIMD Approach to Modern

Scientific Initiation Award
Name: Gabriel Ukstin Talasso
Advisor: Leandro Aparecido Villas
Paper Title: NeuralMatch: Identifying Customer Similarity based on Models in Federated Learning.

Babbage Award (highest CR between CP 0,50 and 0,70 – Computer Engineering)
João Felipe Contreras De Moraes

Pascal Award (highest CR between CP 0,50 and 0,70 – Bachelor's degree in Computer Science)
Ilan Francisco Da Silva

Von Neumann Prize (highest CR among graduates – Computer Engineering)
Christian Massao Konishi

Euler Award (highest CR among graduates – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)
Lucas De OliveiraSilva

Didactic Excellence Award
Prof. Dr. Sandra Eliza Fontes de Avila

Academic Excellence Award
Prof. doctor Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira

Abacus Computing Award
Samsung Electronics da Amazônia LTDA
Samsung was represented by employees Lin Tzy Ly and Otavio Penatti, who were students at the Computing Institute.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!