E-book brings life stories of IC Professors who stand out in the different areas of Computing.

Professors Claudia Bauzer Medeiros and Cecília Baranauskas report facts from their journeys in computing in an E-book that brings the life stories of women who stand out in different areas of Computing.

The E-book is the result of a partnership between the extension actions ENIGMA – Mulheres na Computação and Gurias na Computação. The ENIGMA project is linked to the College of Application of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (CAP-UFRGS) and was prepared based on interviews broadcast in 8 Lives, broadcast from March to October 2021, on the YouTube channel of the extension program Programa C, organized in a playlist called Women in Computing in Brazil.

See the participation of Prof. Claudia Bauzer Medeiros

Full e-book here. There you will find access to all Lives videos.