Selection Process - Special Student

(Pre-)registration for special students at IC will be from 01/06 to 30/06/2024 to take subjects at second half of 2024. The online pre-registration program will be available only during this period. Read the information below carefully.

Unicamp undergraduate students (especially IC students - Engineering or Computer Science)

Registrations accepted only for participants of the PIF (Integrated Training Program).

  • For graduate courses offered in conjunction with undergraduate courses, it is not necessary to enroll in the internal selection process of the IC. It is enough for the student to register as a special student in the discipline through SIGA in this link . If the student is enrolled in the undergraduate course he will automatically be accepted into the associated post course.
  • For post courses without joint offer with undergraduate students must enroll in the internal selection process (link at the bottom of the page)
  • If the student has already taken the undergraduate course corresponding to Post in this offer and is prevented from enrolling again in the undergraduate course, he must enroll in the selection process (link at the bottom of the page)

General candidates (graduates only):

Through pre-registration in the selection process (procedure below).

Pay attention to result disclosure and the instructions you must follow through the IC website.

Foreign Candidates:

Foreign students interested in acting as a special student in the IC, should obtain more information in the DERI and contact the IC Graduate Office as soon as possible, even outside the registration period.

Foreign students interested in a non-degree program (Special Students) must obtain more information on DERI and contact the secretary department, as soon as possible, even before our enrollment period.

Selection Process Calendar for the 2st semester of 2024

Registration Period01/06/2024 a 30/06/2024
Disclosure of the Results of the
Admission process
26/07/2024 (forecast)
Enrollment Perioduntil 02/08/2024 (only those approved must apply for enrollment in SIGA -
Follow the guidance on the result page)
Beginning of Classes01/08/2024 (confirm this date and the previous one always in the DAC calendar)


A list of subjects that do not exceed 8 credits in total (for example two courses of 4 credits), in order of preference. Additionally, the candidate may also enroll in a Seminars course (MO901). The subjects offered are here.

IC graduation students who are enrolling concurrently in the corresponding undergraduate courses may apply for enrollment in more than two 4-credit courses.

Courses offered

For course details (menu, vector), look for more information on catalog (search for the subjects of Computer Science courses in the most recent catalog).

Necessary documentation for registration:

  1. Short Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Undergraduate and graduate school histories, up to 3 distinct histories.
  3. If you have taken courses as a special student at the IC previously, attach a transcript containing those subjects. If you are taking courses this semester, inform in the cover letter.
  4. Presentation letter of 1 sheet written by the candidate, which may contain extra information that he deems useful for the selection (projects carried out, future projects he intends to carry out, etc.).


register here and follow the instructions strictly, step by step. 

Important: The link above deals with the IC application and internal selection process. Those candidates who pass must subsequently enroll in the Unicamp's special student system. It is through the Unicamp system that the student will have his registration effective.

A verification of the disciplines taken by the student as a special student in the IC in previous semesters will be carried out and depending on the performance, the registration may be rejected as provided for in Article 3 of CPG Resolution 01/2009

If in doubt, send a message to sec-pos (at) with the subject "Doubts - Special Student".