PIF - Integrated Training Program

Enrollment as a Special Graduate Student

The Integrated Training Program (PIF) is a great opportunity for undergraduate students, allowing students to take courses simultaneously as a regular undergraduate student and as a special graduate student, thus advancing credits for a possible master's or doctorate.

To take courses simultaneously as an undergraduate and graduate student at the IC, it is necessary to satisfy the following prerequisites:

- be a student of the Bachelor of Computer Science or Computer Engineering;

- have a CP (Progression Coefficient) equal to or greater than 0,6;

- have a CR (Income Ratio) equal to or greater than 0,6.

All students with the above prerequisites will be registered in the PIF at the end of each academic semester, after the insertion of grades by IC professors. Students who do not meet these criteria must observe Article 3 of the Resolution CPG / IC 001/2023.

Each semester, IC offers several subjects simultaneously for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Students with the above prerequisites (automatically registered at the PIF) who are interested in taking courses with a joint offer as a special graduate student, must follow the following steps:

  1. Enroll in the undergraduate course;
  2. Fill out the registration form for Special Student in the Academic Management System (SIGA), observing the DAC deadlines and instructions.

Passing the undergraduate course, the student will pass the corresponding post course.

Attention: PIF participants who wish to enroll in isolated postgraduate subjects (without a joint offer for graduation) or who are unable to take the undergraduate subject for any reason, must pre-register at Special Student Selection Process of the IC post. The process usually takes place between December and January, for 1st semester subjects, and in June, for 2nd semester subjects. If approved, they must request registration with SIGA.

Enrollment as a special graduate student does not represent a student's commitment to pursue a graduate degree in the future, but it does allow him to take advantage of the disciplines taken at graduation if he decides to continue his studies (and pass the selection process Graduate Program).

CG strongly recommends that every student who has the above prerequisites and enrolls in an undergraduate course with a joint offer also enrolls in the corresponding graduate course.

In some cases it is possible to take all the disciplines of the master's degree even during graduation, which allows you to take the master's degree in just one year. A graduate degree can represent a major differential in the job market.