Enrollment as a Special Graduate Student

The Integrated Training Program (PIF) is a great opportunity for undergraduate students, allowing students to take courses simultaneously as a regular undergraduate student and as a special graduate student, thus advancing credits for a possible master's or doctorate.

To take courses simultaneously as an undergraduate and graduate student at the IC, the student only needs to satisfy the following prerequisites:

- be a student of the Bachelor of Computer Science or Computer Engineering

- have CP (Progression Coefficient) equal to or greater than 0,6

- have a CR (Income Ratio) equal to or greater than 0,6

All students with the above prerequisites are automatically registered at PIF.

Every semester, IC offers several subjects simultaneously for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Students with the above prerequisites (automatically registered with PIF) who are interested in taking courses as a special graduate student, must follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Academic Management System (SIGA) page through the link below:
    Special student registration
  2. Create an account at SIGA by accessing the link “Create account in the system to register” and filling out the form with your personal data.
  3. After registering, access the login page again Special student registration and provide email and password to access the system.
  4. After entering the system, choose the options "Registration"> "Special student"> "New registration" and click on the "Next" button.
  5. In the “Admission options” choose the “Academic period” (“Xo. Semestre / XXXX (Doctorate, Master, Postgraduate)”), the “Level” (“Postgraduate”) and the “Type of Student” ( “Integrated Training Program”), then click on the “Next” button.
  6. On the “Register Special Student Registration” page, check “I have read and accepted the Terms” and click the “Next” button.
  7. On the “Special Student Registration” page, check the information under the tab “Personal data”, “Address” and “Academic training” (include your current undergraduate course).
  8. Select the “Disciplines” tab and include the desired post-graduate course (s) (MOXXX).
  9. Click on the “Save registration” button to complete the process.
  10. To check or edit the registration, select "Registration"> "Special student".

Enrollment as a special graduate student does not represent a student's commitment to pursue a graduate degree in the future, but it does allow him to take advantage of the disciplines taken at graduation if he decides to continue his studies (and pass the selection process Graduate Program).

CG strongly recommends that every student who has the above prerequisites and who enrolls in an undergraduate course with a joint offer requests to enroll in the corresponding graduate course as well.

In some cases it is possible to take all the disciplines of the master's degree even during graduation, which allows you to take the master's degree in just one year. A graduate degree can represent a major differential in the job market.