Requirements to be a Special IC Student


The Graduate Commission of the Institute of Computing of the State University of Campinas, in a meeting held on November 17, 2009, creates criteria for monitoring and authorizing the enrollment of Special Students.

Article 1 - Any graduate student or graduate in a higher education course compatible with the Computer Science course may enroll in isolated IC Postgraduate courses, as long as their participation in the Integrated Training Program (PIF) is not possible.

Sole Paragraph - The monitoring of these students and authorizations will be carried out by the Graduate Coordination of the IC.

Article 2 - The candidate to take isolated Postgraduate courses in the IC, must present the following documentation:

  • Registration Form (online);
  • Letter of introduction to CPG / IC;
  • Curriculum Vitae (with academic and professional information);
  • Undergraduate (mandatory) and graduate (if any) school transcripts.

Sole paragraph - The candidate who fails to submit any documents listed in Article 2 will have his / her application automatically rejected, and the candidate is not responsible for any type of academic challenge.

Article 3 - Only new registrations will be allowed for students who take at least one subject per semester, except when there are no vacancies available, and keep a minimum CR (Coefficient of Income) equal to 3,0000

Sole Paragraph - The documentation listed in Article 2 will not be necessary in the case of new enrollments, if the candidate only needs to indicate the disciplines he / she wishes to take on the online enrollment form, during the enrollment period for special students, as established in the School Calendar of Courses Graduate Program at Unicamp each semester.

Article 4 - The admission of a special student as a regular student in the Graduate Program of the IC will be together with the other candidates, obeying the selection criteria in force and the DAC calendar.

RICPG / IC17 / 11/2009. Approved by CPG-IC on November 30, 2009.