The Graduate Commission of the Institute of Computing of the State University of Campinas, in a meeting held on June 17, 2008, approved the following rules for participation of the Institute of Computing and the acceptance of students in the Integrated Training Program that allows participation of Undergraduate students in its Graduate Program in Computer Science, according to the established by the CEPE-A-22 Deliberation of 4-12-2001, and defines rules for acceptance of students in this Program.

Article 1 - The participation of Instituto de Computação in the Integrated Training Program is established as of this date, in which students regularly enrolled in their undergraduate courses may participate.
Single paragraph - The management of this program will be carried out by the Graduate Coordination of the IC.

Article 2 - The program will allow the simultaneous realization of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses with a view to successively obtaining undergraduate and Master diplomas stricto sensu.
Single paragraph - Within the scope of Post-Graduation, the students participating in this program will constitute, for all purposes, a sub-category of special students, called Academics in Integral Training.

Article 3 - The supervisor, foreseen in the aforementioned Resolution, must be defined by the student when entering the program.
§ º 1 - Each student participating in the Program will be guided in their activities by an Advisor accredited in the category of Full Professor in the IC Graduate Course.
§ º 2 - The student of the Program will not be counted in the total number of orientations of the teacher, until he is effectively integrated into the Postgraduate course as a regular student.

Article 4 - Students in this program will have priority over other Special Students in relation to places in Postgraduate courses.
Single paragraph - The enrollment of students in this program will take place on the same dates reserved for Special Students.

Article 5 - The subsequent admission as a regular graduate student (if applicable) will be carried out together with the other candidates, according to the current selection criteria.

Article 6 - CPG / IC defined the rules for the acceptance of students in this Program, understanding that only students who fully meet the following requirements are eligible:
I. Students taking a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering;
II. Have a CPF (Future Progression Coefficient) equal to or greater than 0,60;
III. Have a CR (Income Ratio) equal to or greater than 0,60.
Single paragraph - At enrollment, the student must present CP (Coefficient of Progression) and no more CPF (Coefficient of Future Progression) equal to or greater than 0,60.