History - Master and Doctorate defenses made in previous years

Master and Doctoral Defenses

Master's degree

1103110/01/2024A Language for Generating Patterns for Detection and Rewriting in MLIR CompilersLuciano Gigantelli ZagoGuido Costa Souza de Araújo - Coorientador: Márcio Machado Pereira
1104226/01/2024Graph-Based Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis for Passing Difficulty Classification in FootballMaisa SilvaRicardo da Silva Torres - Coorientador: Allan da Silva Pinto
1105331/01/2024Source Code Pattern Recognition and Rewriting for MLIR Using String-Based AutomataVinícius Couto EspindolaGuido Costa Souza de Araújo - Coorientador: Hervé Cédric Yviquel
1106422/03/2024Unsupervised Deep Machine Learning Method for Haze Removal without Paired ImagesPercy Maldonado QuispeHélio Pedrini
1107522/03/2024Epistemological Pluralism in economic simulations for childrenYan Prada MoroAndre Santanche
1108625/03/2024Graphic Organizer in the Study of the Heart and its Impact on Learning ProfilesCaroline Gerbaudo NakazatoAndré Santanchè
1109727/03/2024Statistical Analysis of Semi-Supervised Algorithms for Tabular DataLuan de Oliveira SilveiraJacques Wainer
1110824/04/2024Exploring Data Distribution and Model Confidence in Reject Inference-Based Credit Scoring MethodsAthyrson Machado RibeiroMarcos Medeiros Raimundo
1111925/04/2024Adapting autoencoders to reduce dimensionality and preserve information in the context of human activity recognitionDarlinne Hubert Palo SotoEdson Borin
11121026/04/2024Features Extended by Contrastive Learning in Person Identification from Latent FingerprintsAndré Igor Nóbrega da SilvaAlexandre Xavier Falcão
11131102/05/2024Visual Representations for Classifying Sleep StagesRebeca Padovani EderliZanoni Dias - Coorientador: Anderson de Rezende Rocha
11141202/05/2024Exact and Heuristic Methods for the Minimum Diameter Subgraph ProblemArthur Pratti DadaltoFábio Luiz Usberti - Coorientador: Mário César San Felice
11151307/05/2024Sedentary lifestyle detection via biosignals, machine learning and visual analysisAlexis Aldo Mendoza VillarroelAnderson de Rezende Rocha
11161407/05/2024Uncovering Mental Well-Being: Detecting Stress, Anxious State and Stressors in a Case StudyMatheus Correa LindinoAnderson de Rezende Rocha - Coorientadora: Aurea Rossy Soriano Vargas
11171516/05/2024Modeling Cellular Signaling Pathways via Universal Differential Equations and Joint Inference of First-Principles Model Parameters and Neural Network WeightsCristiano Gabriel de Souza CamposMarcelo da Silva Reis

Doctoral Program

329105/02/2024Machine Learning Algorithms to Improve Data Quality and Inference Performance in Monitoring ApplicationsJuliane Regina de OliveiraLucas Francisco Wanner - Coorientador: Eduardo Rodrigues de Lima
330208/03/2024Socio-enactive Interaction and the Design of Creative Learning Environments for ChildrenMarleny Luque CarbajalMaria Cecília Calani Baranauskas
331320/03/2024Building Convolutional Neural Networks from MarkersItalos Estilon da Silva de SouzaAlexandre Xavier Falcão
332427/03/2024Extracting Urban Perceptions from Texts Shared on Social Media: Framework and ApplicationsFrances Albert SantosLeandro Aparecido Villas - Coorientador: Thiago Henrique Silva
333527/03/2024Variations of the Rearrangement Distance ProblemAlexsandro Oliveira AlexandrinoZanoni Dias - Coorientador: Ulisses Martins Dias
334601/04/2024Improved Image Filling Based on Vision Transformers and Pencil-SketchJose Luis Flores CampanaHélio Pedrini - Coorientadora: Helena de Almeida Maia
335718/04/2024Self-supervised learning for fully unannotated person re-identification in real-world applicationsGabriel Capiteli BertoccoAnderson de Rezende Rocha - Coorientadora: Fernanda Alcântara Andaló
336820/05/2024Robust Skin Lesion Analysis: Evaluation and Debiasing across Distribution ShiftsAlceu Emanuel BissotoSandra Eliza Fontes de Avila - Coorientador: Eduardo Alves do Valle Júnior
337924/05/2024Evolution of Entities in Temporal Knowledge GraphsAnderson RossanezJulio Cesar dos Reis - Coorientador: Ricardo da Silva Torres