All courses taken by regular students must be MO—. The CD— (PED) subjects are treated separately, as indicated below.

Important: Subjects taken at other UNICAMP Units NO automatically count towards the required credits. The effective counting of credits for subjects from other units will only take place after it is requested and approved by the CPG, which must occur before the expected deadline for the fulfillment of the credits of course. It is recommended that the student's advisor request this approval as soon as possible, preferably even before of the student to attend the course, since the CPG may deny that the credits are counted.

• Master's (22 credits in total)

  • 20 credits (excluding seminars, directed studies and PED)
  • 2 credits (including seminars and PED)

• Doctorate (24 credits in total)

  • 24 credits (excluding seminars and directed studies), of which a maximum of 4 credits can be obtained with PED. The choice of subjects can be planned with a view to EQG waivers.