Every six months, the IC Graduate Program will apply an English proficiency test to students regularly enrolled in the Master and Doctorate courses in Computer Science.

Students should be aware of the exam dates that will be announced in advance on the pos-r (@) ic.unicamp.br email list.

Remember that all students in the Program must meet this requirement!

In addition to this test, some external sources can be used as proof of proficiency. Thus, the student is exempted from taking the proficiency test applied by the IC. Information on the official vehicles accepted and the considered criteria can be seen in resolution CPG 005/2015.

For this type of proof:

1) Check the English Proficiency Exam waiver criteria.

2) If you meet the criteria above, complete the form request to take advantage of proficiency in a foreign language and submit it to the IC Postgraduate Secretariat, attaching the document proving proficiency in the language.