According to the information Normative Instruction CCPG No. 002/2021 in its article 2:

Art. 2. At the supervisor's discretion and with the approval of the Unit's CPG, the dissertation or thesis may have its content presented in an alternative format to the traditional model, also observing the pattern indicated in Art.
§ 1° It is considered an alternative format when dissertations and theses must have the following chapters in the body of the work: 1) Introduction; 2) Documents published and/or to be published, such as: summary of the article(s), the article(s) itself, book summary, book chapter(s) s), with the data referring to the publication and/or submission; 3) Discussion (applicable in cases of two or more documents and not mandatory in cases of only one document); 4) Conclusion; 5) References (present the references of all bibliographic materials cited in the introduction, in the discussion – if any – and in the conclusion).
§ 2 The document(s) published or to be published must be in a scientific journal(s) or congress proceedings subject to arbitration, in writing in the language(s) and standard(s) required by the dissemination vehicle(s).
§ 3 In the case of a document already published, the student must attach authorization from the Publisher for inclusion in the dissertation / thesis.

We clarify that the authorizations must be included in the thesis/dissertation as an attachment, even if the publication is in open access journals, it will be necessary to attach a document that proves this condition, such as, for example, a copy of the journal’s file, internet page, etc..

As informed by the PRPG, we inform you that failure to comply with this determination will result in the refusal of approval.

For more information, contact the IC Graduate Secretariat.