Transcript, Certificate of Enrollment and Diploma in English

To date, there is no option in the DAC systems to issue a transcript, certificate of enrollment or diploma in English automatically.

For the diploma: For this document, a sworn translation must be provided. By having signatures printed on the original, the understanding provided by the PRPG to the Graduate Program is that a translation validated by the Program Coordinator cannot be used.

For registration history and certificate: When needing such documents, the student must produce their own translation that will be validated and signed by the Graduate Coordinator. 

We have developed the templates below that will facilitate the preparation of the document. 

To obtain the signature of the Coordinator, send the translated PDF version of the document accompanied by the original Portuguese version issued by DAC to the IC Graduate Department. (Sending must be made to the email of the post office). In the translated documents, be sure to put the verification code that appears in the document in Portuguese

The time for collecting the signature depends on the secretariat's work routines and the Coordinator's schedule, so don't leave it for the last minute.

School Records: Transcript (DOC)
Registration Certificate: Enrollment Certificate (DOC)

For approvals, use the expression “approved by grade” when translating.

Important: To know the correct name of the subjects in English use THIS FILE. Open the PDF, search for the name of the desired courses using the search engine of the PDF viewer and find the name in English in the details of the course.