Master Qualification Examination Procedures

Updated on 24/06/2024 – PGK

The Master's Qualification Exam (EQM) aims to assess the student's analysis and synthesis capacity considering the activities developed, the content of his Dissertation project and the feasibility of his schedule, as well as guiding the student as to the final stage of your Master's course.

Every master student must take the Master Qualification Exam at the beginning of their second semester in the course. The periods are defined in the IC graduate program. Between the request at SIGA and the completion of the Exam there must be a minimum interval of 21 days.

Exam Text: According to the Internal Resolution CPG / IC 002/2021, the EQM text has a maximum limit of 20 pages in a single column, without counting references and appendices. As a suggestion, it is recommended to use the document structure adopted in FAPESP's “Research Project”. This page limit becomes mandatory for exams to be performed from 01/01/2022.

Composition of the Examining Committee

In accordance with the Regulations of the Postgraduate Program of the Institute of Computing, the EQM will be carried out before an Examining Committee that will include at least three members with a Doctorate degree, at least one accredited in the IC Postgraduate Program. A maximum of one of the supervisors/co-supervisors may participate in the examining committee, who will also be the president of the examining committee. If there is no participation of the advisors, the presidency will be appointed by the CPG. The CPG recommends that the advisor appoint at least one alternate member.

Suggestion for Composition of the Examining Committee:

Member 1Doctor accredited in the IC PPG
Member 2Doctor accredited or not in the IC PPG
Alternate Doctor accredited in the IC PPG

CPG will not pay for the arrival of any external member to participate in NDE Review Committees.

CPG recommends that the Qualification Exams be carried out entirely remotely, even with the return to face-to-face activities. If there is a need to use any room at the IC so that the student can present the EQM (only for the student), the postgraduate secretary must be consulted in advance.

As they are evaluation activities of an academic nature, access to Qualifying Exams, during presentation and discussion, is restricted to members of the academic community of the Institute of Computing and the Examining Committee

Application Procedure

  1. Obtain approval in the SIGA of the Declaration of Ethics.
    • Access SIGA (Academic Management System) and request. The application must be approved by the supervisor and validated by the Secretariat. Only after this procedure, the system will release the sending of the NDE request. 
    • Access the path “Academic Life” -> “View data from dissertations and theses”.
    • If in doubt, consult the DAC Tutorial on the Ethics Committee Flow. (NOTE: This tutorial is adapted for the approval of the ethics statement in the delivery of enrollment documents and shows a different access path, but some screens can be useful)
  2. Fill in the EQM data in SIGA:
    • Access  SIGA, go to Academic Life / School History> Dissertation / Theses and fill in the requested information.
    • If in doubt, consult the Tutorial Flow of Dissertations and Theses
    • In the field Examination, choose the option Concentration area.
    • To reserve a room for the Exam, the advisor can directly access the website or the student can check availability on the same website and request a reservation by email sec-pos (at)
  3. Fill out the NDE Form:
    • Access the form here
  4. Forwarding the PDF file of the text of the EQM proposal by email to the members of the Examining Committee.
    • It is the responsibility of the supervisor (or, at his / her discretion, the student) to send the Qualification text file by email to the members of the Examining Committee, since uploading it via SIGA is optional.