Post doctoral


The development of a study and research internship for qualification and improvement after the doctorate, under the supervision of a professor from the Institute of Computing, takes place through entry into the Postdoctoral Researcher Program (PPPD). The PPPD aims to attract and retain new doctors for the development of scientific research activities, as well as to facilitate teaching activities for young doctors to improve their careers and deepen the scientific work and training of students from groups or departments of the university.


Resolution CONSU-A-003/2018 – Provides for the Postdoctoral Researcher Program (PPPD) and other provisions.

Resolution GR-021/2017 – Establishes the Postdoctoral Researcher Program Scholarship (PPPD).

Resolution GR-033/2023 – Awards Post-Doctoral Scholarships with the Post-Doctoral Researcher Program (PPPD) at UNICAMP for the period 2023/2024.


Entrance depends on supervision by a teacher active member of the IC or retired professor linked to the Collaborating Professor or Collaborating Researcher or Guest Visiting Researcher Program. Get to know IC professors and their main areas of research in:

Researchers who have a doctorate degree obtained in Brazil or abroad and whether or not they have postdoctoral funding grants or equivalent may participate in the PPPD at Unicamp. The researcher who maintains a functional or employment relationship with a public or private institution must obtain its consent for admission.


The supervising professor of the interested party must contact and inform the researcher's full name and email. After registration by the responsible sector, the interested party will receive a link in their email to send the necessary documentation, namely: 

  • RG or RNE
  • Passport (for foreigners only)
  • CPF;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Birth or Marriage Certificate or Stable Union;
  • Doctoral Diploma or document proving the obtaining of the Doctorate;
  • Curriculum Lattes/CNPq;
  • Research project; 
  • Proof of Scholarship (if applicable)
  • Document from your home institution agreeing to participate in the Unicamp Postdoctoral Researcher Program (if the interested party has an employment or functional relationship with another entity, public or private)

Admission must be approved by the IC Congregation in accordance with its meeting calendar. The approximate period between sending documents and admission is 2 months. 

IMPORTANT: the researcher will only be officially recognized as a participant in the Postdoctoral Researcher Program after approval by the Congregation and implementation by the General Directorate of Human Resources (DGRH). The eventual payment of Unicamp scholarships depends on this completion. 


The researcher funded by a grant, whether from Unicamp or external institutions, must be fully dedicated to the Program. Other participants must dedicate a minimum of 24 hours per week

The minimum period of stay is 6 months. The maximum term is 5 years for scholarship holders and 24 months for other participants.

In the case of a scholarship researcher, their stay will be limited to the financing period for their project.


The IC can offer postdoctoral scholarships linked to faculty research projects. These opportunities are published on the Institute of Computing's website and on its social networks.

The IC can also grant PPPD scholarships made available by UNICAMP according to specific notices and calls, which will also be published on the IC channels.


Other questions can be clarified with the IC Administrative Support Section, via telephone (19) 3521-0349 or by