Admission process

Registrations for the IC Master and Doctorate are generally open in April May each year, for entry into the second semester, and in September October each year, for admission in the first semester of the following year (always check the specific calendar)
The candidate must have a degree in Computing or similar areas, held in a Brazilian higher education institution recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) or in a higher education institution abroad.
The Evaluation Committee's analysis will be based on the following information: candidate's academic background, academic record, curriculum, letters of recommendation, results obtained from POSCOMP, research plan and cover letter. Other information that can be considered by the Commission are: publications, English proficiency, participation in research projects and awards.
Each semester the Postgraduate Program will offer some subjects in English.

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Results of the Selection Process for the Master and Doctorate

Lists of approved and public notices from previous years.

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Selection Process for the 2st semester of 2024

  • Notice // (English)
  • Registration: Through the online registration system. The link to the system is available in the selection process notice.
Registrations22/04 a 26/05/2024
Sending Recommendation Lettersuntil 08/06/2024.
Result disclosure28/06/2024 (forecast)
Interest confirmationto 05/07/2024
Enrollment and start of classesCheck on Unicamp Academic Calendar

NOTE: Upon being approved in the selection process as a regular student, the student must fulfill a certain number of credits in subjects in the first years of the course (22 credits in the first year of the Masters or 24 credits in the first two years of the Doctorate). Depending on the student's situation, it may be interesting to try to take some subjects such as special student before joining as a regular in order to take advantage of these credits previously taken as a special student.


One of the criteria used in choosing candidates for the Master's and Doctorate is the National Postgraduate Admission Exam, postcomp. We strongly recommend that candidates present the exam result postcomp and indicate the year of the exam and your registration number. (Although recommended, submission of a Poscomp is not mandatory)

Necessary procedures / documents:

 Master's CandidatesDoctorate Candidates
Fill in the registration form YesYes
Graduation transcriptYesYes
Master's transcriptNoYes, if any
Letter of introduction to CPG with its achievements (1 page)YesYes
Summary research projectYesYes
Curriculum vitae (professional and academic experiences)YesYes
Recommendation letters (mandatory from different recommendations)3 letters5 letters


Selected candidates may be beneficiaries of scholarships. The granting of a scholarship depends on the availability of the institutional quota of scholarships (CAPES and CNPq) allocated to the Program. The prioritization of scholarship allocation in the semester of admission depends on the candidate's performance in the selection process.

There are also grants linked to the research projects of the advisors. These grants are administered directly by the advisors.

The Program recommends admitted candidates to apply for scholarships from FAPESP or other funding agencies.