UNICAMP suspends face-to-face activities indefinitely

Follow the guidelines of the Higher Administration of Unicamp presented today at the meeting with Prof. Anderson Rocha:

  • Undergraduate, Graduate and Extension activities are being organized to be remote. Details on procedures will be provided later
  • The DAC calendar will be appropriately adjusted later.
  • University restaurants will be closed during the period. Needy students who use this service will be dealt with via the Rector's Notice later.
  • Extension courses can be taught online and each course coordinator must define the procedures with their classes.
  • We should not receive no during this period. All persons with a scheduled visit to Unicamp must be advised to cancel.
  • Unicamp professors and employees must not make trips or technical visits.
  • The Master, Doctorate and Qualifications boards are maintained BUT only the internal members of the board and the student CAN participate. All external members must participate remotely. The stalls will not be open to the public.
  • There will be no employees of the Graduate Department to collect signatures or provide support. Therefore, all forms of defenses must be requested in advance from the Post Office by email.
  • Remote defenses must be made under the supervision of the supervisor. There will be no Informatics employee in person for support or to assemble equipment in advance.
  • Teachers can offer assistance to students via the web, but they cannot provide face-to-face assistance. They can recommend readings and other activities.
  • Employee activities will be remote except in specific cases discussed with the Board as well as rotation of essential areas. Thus, there will be a scale of IC employees for remote assistance (WhatsApp, Telephone, Email or Skype).
  • Lab students must work remotely and cannot come to the labs.

We suggest that airline tickets be purchased with a date change option - flexible tickets.

Follow the announcements on the subject on the company's website UNICAMP and the IC website