MC001: Information Technologies

10/07Examination will take place on 13/07, at 14 pm, in room 352. Students who are not indicated for examination but who wish to take the exam must contact in advance so that I can make sufficient copies of the exam.
02/07List of Notes semester. The exam will take place on July 13, at 07 pm, in room 14.
10/06Classroom changed to room 352 of the Institute of Computing - IC3 Building.
07/05Classroom changed to room 353 of the Institute of Computing - IC3 Building.
02/05List of Notes the first test.
25/04This week's classes will be in room SI 08. Same building as DAC.
06/04List of exercises and slides are being included weekly in the Google Classroom.
25/02Classroom set. Wednesday: CB08. Fridays: CB04.
19/02Classes every Wednesday and Friday, from 14pm to 16pm. Room to be defined by the DAC
19/02Don't miss the important dates of the Graduation calendar.

Data organizations, computer organizations, program structures, database fundamentals, notions of networks, internet, human-computer interface, social impact of computing.

The course will be based on class material and additional material (articles and handouts) distributed when necessary. As it is a comprehensive program, in several areas of Computing, there is no textbook at the appropriate level that covers all topics.

For an overview of parts of the story, one of the suggested books is Introduction to Computer Science, by R. Fedeli, E. Polloni and F. Peres, from CENGAGE Learning.

For those who wish to go deeper into the databases, the text is recommended Database Basics, by Célio Guimarães, Editora UNICAMP, 2003.

Evidences: 70% of the semester grade (30% for P1 and 40% for P2)

Works: 30% of the semester grade (arithmetic average between assignments).

Exam: Arithmetic average between the semester grade and the exam.

Minimum grade for exam: 2,5

Any attempted fraud during the semester will be punished to the extent of my authority, including a zero score in the discipline.

Attendance after hours of all classes. If you need an alternative time, just book it by email or in person.

The final work of this discipline, which can be done in groups of up to 4 students, must have a specific theme per group. The goal is to tell a story related to Unicamp, to be followed through a mobile device on campus. The implementation can be done through a mobile application via App Inventor or QR-Codes. The topics must be confirmed with the teacher.

The delivery must be made until the class of 01/07.

Follow the route through Google Classroom.

02 / marCourse integration activity
04 / marPresentation of the course
09 / marData representation
11 / marData representation
16 / marArchives
18 / marComputer Organization
23 / marComputer Organization
25 / marHoliday
30 / marPerformance
01 / AprProgram Structure
06 / Apr
08 / AprPresentations of Works on File Formats
13 / AprRevision for the test
15 / AprExam 1
20 / AprProof Correction and Delivery of Notes
22 / AprHoliday
27 / AprScratch Practice Class - Room SI08
29 / AprScratch Practice Class - Room SI08
04 / MayPrinciples of Operational Safety - Prof. Diego Aranha
06 / MayScratch Practice Class - Room SI08
11 / MayHuman Computer Interaction - IHC
13 / MayUniversal Design and Usability Heuristics
18 / MayNo activities
20 / MayNo activities
25 / MayUnderstanding Networks
27 / MayHoliday
June 01thReview
June 03thExam 2
June 08thBasics of Databases
June 10thBasics of Databases
June 15thDiscussion and questions about final work
June 17thDiscussion and questions about final work
June 22thDiscussion and questions about final work
June 24thDiscussion and questions about final work
June 29thDiscussion and questions about final work
July 01thDelivery of Final Work
July 13thExamination