mc 404
Computer Organization and Assembly Language

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The final grades are already on the grade board.
The grade board contains all updated grades. Attendance for exams and / or assignments: 03/12 and 05/12 from 16pm to 18pm in my room and 06/12. Any inconsistency, send an email warning.
I have not yet finished correcting the evidence. I believe that I will only be able to deliver the notes on Monday (02/12).
Evidence applied: A, B, C e D.
The notes of the works are on the note board. See also the evaluation results. Attention: Groups that have not yet completed their assignments must do so next Thursday (28/11) during class time. Note revisions will also be made on 28/11.
The list of works delivered is in the table of notes.
The class on 19/11 (Tuesday) will be at IC-3 rooms 303 and 304 for presentation of papers.
Preliminary criteria for the evaluation of the works 2 e 3.
As communicated in the classroom, the revision of Work 1 will be done at IC-3 on 07/11 at 17:00. All components of groups that request review must be present.
The grades for Work 1 are on the grade board. See the evaluation results and os values ​​of each item.
Questions and Answers page about the works created. Send questions by email that the answers or suggestions will be placed on this page.
The grades of the first test are already on the grade board.
The works already received are indicated in the table of notes.
List of students and grades included (see links above). Confirm the formation of the groups on the note board.
A copy of the class notes until 17/09 was left in the DCE copy. New debugger available, Turbo Debuger.
From 05/09, classes on Thursday will be in the laboratories. Class C in room 303 and Class D in room 304.
All classes will be at CB05 until I give notice about classes in the labs.
An email presenting the course was sent to all enrolled students. If you didn't receive it, send me a message containing your full name and your RA.


Tuesdays and Thursdays: 16:00 - 18:00
Room: CB05

Customer service

Room 08 of IC 2

  • Race 1 (P1): Weight 3
  • Race 2 (P2): Weight 4
  • Works (T): Weight 3
M = (3P1 + 4P2 + 3T) / 10
NF = (M + E) / 2
If the student has a weighted average (M) less than 5,0 and has a minimum frequency of 75% he will be entitled to take the final exam and the final grade (NF) will be the average between the exam grade (E) and the weighted average of tests and assignments (M).
In the notes board, for simplicity, each of the tests and works are already weighed. So just add them together to get the grade for the semester. Only the final grade (NF) will not be obtained by direct sum.


Students must do 3 practical assignments in the semester:
  • Work 1: Piano
    • Weight 1
    • Delivery from 03/10 until 18:00
  • Work 2: Boot Loader
    • Weight 1
    • Delivery fee:
      • Groups 1 to 25: 14/11 to 16:00
      • Groups 26 to 50: 21/11 to 16:00
  • Work 3: Mini scheduler
    • Weight 1
    • Delivery fee:
      • Groups 26 to 50: 14/11 to 16:00
      • Groups 1 to 25: 21/11 to 16:00
  • Bonuses for Works 2 and 3: To do the Boot Loader load the Mini-scaler using more than one sector of the disk for this.
    • Bonus amount: 20% extra on the grade of the two papers
    • Delivery fee: 14/11 to 16:00 with presentation during class time.
Papers can be delivered without extra penalty up to 24 hours after the indicated deadline. After this grace period is over, 10% of the maximum amount per day of delay will be discounted (including the grace period as well), always expiring at the specified time for delivery.
Make sure your work is on the note board as delivered and contact me if I make a mistake. Be sure to do this at the end of the semester.


Day Matter
06 T
Course presentation
08 Q
Basic concepts. Numbering systems
13 T
Computer Components. Types of Memory. 8086 registers. Address Translation
15 Q
Interruptions. Instructions: MOV, INT, ADD, SUB, AND, OR, NOT, XOR
20 T
Assembly syntax. Data format. Variables. Instructions: MOV, XCHG, XLAT, LEA, LDS, LES, ADD, ADC, INC
22 Q
Subtraction and jumping instructions.
27 T
There will be no class in this discipline.
29 Q
Stack handling instructions, called subroutines, multiplication and division.
Day Matter
03 T
File formats. Entrance exit.
05 Q
First lab class. Room 303 for class C and room 304 for class D. Travel Plan
10 T
High-level language programming structures
12 Q
Laboratory 2. Travel Plan
17 T
Hardware outages
19 Q
Laboratory Class. Continuation of the activities of Laboratories 1 and 2.
24 T
Review, questions, exercises
26 Q
First Test (Here are the tests applied: 1a e 1b)
Day Matter
01 T
Proof feedback. Instructions for manipulating chains, loops and repetitions.
03 Q
Delivery of Work 1 until 18:00.
08 T
Delivery of evidence. 8086 floating point unit overview.
10 Q
There was no class due to network problems.
15 T
PIC microcontroller. Basic Concepts and Architecture.
17 Q
Laboratory 3. Travel Plan
22 T
Memory organization. PIC instructions.
24 Q
Laboratory 4. Travel Plan
29 T
PIC instructions. Exercises.
Day Matter
5 T
PIC instructions. Exercises.
7 Q
12 T
PIC instructions. Exercises
14 Q
Laboratory. Delivery of works 2 (groups 1 to 25) and 3 (groups 26 to 50) until 16:00. Delivery and presentation of the Bonus work.
19 T
Delivery and presentation of work in the laboratory.
21 Q
Laboratory. Delivery of works 2 (groups 26 to 50) and 3 (groups 1 to 25) until 16:00.
26 T
Second Test (Here are the tests applied: 2a, 2b, 2c e 2d).
28 Q
Presentation of work in the laboratory.
Day Matter
10 T
Final exam
Deadline for delivery of Notes and Frequencies of the 2nd term.