MC722 - Computer Systems Design

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Tue: 08h-10h and Thu: 08h-10h

Waiters Tue: 10h-12h (Room 10 of the IC)

Living room: Tue: CB03 and Thu: CB02


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15/12 Final notes on note board.
05/12 General notes on note board.
02/12 Second test notes
03/11 The works received until 18:00 today are online.
27/10 The allocation of reviews is on the group allocation page. Papers will be placed online after they are submitted.
26/10 The delivery date of the first job NO has been delayed. I always offer a useful day of grace in the delivery of any work. As there is a big holiday after the planned day, you can deliver the work on the next business day at your own risk. I will not accept any justification for any type of problem that occurred during the grace period. The groups that will be presenting on Thursday will have to provide me with the works until 14:00 pm on the previous day (Wednesday, 02/11)
25/10 Students interested in reviewing another assignment should contact us by email by 14pm on the next Thursday (27/10). The revisions will be worth in the note.
25/10 The allocations of the presentations are at the end of this page.
10/10 Reservations for all jobs are already on the page.
29/07 Two example programs: branch prediction e cache. Use this makefile to compile the two versions of each. Run each of these versions and measure in time (use the command team Linux).
29/09 The themes of work are already available.
14/09 The exercises in the Portuguese and English versions have different numbers.
02/09 There will be no class on 06/09.
16/08 The transparencies are in the pub folder of my homedir ic. Copy with cp ~ rodolfo / pub / cod3_lecture_notes_and_slides.ppt
12/08 Class notes made by students in the Wiki.
30/07 Did you check your schedule? Does he match the one indicated on this page? Enjoy and check the classroom too!
30/07 Important dates of graduation calendar:
  • Withdrawal of registration: 02/08 to 29/09
  • Course Evaluation: 06/10
  • Last day for registration lockout: 17/10
  • Deadline for the fulfillment of the workload and course programs: 30/11
  • Study week: 01/12 to 07/12
  • Final exam period: 12/12 to 17/12


Menu: An introduction to architecture and computer organization. Technology and historical perspective. Performance measures. Set of instructions. Memory. Units of electrical arithmetic. Basic design of a processor. Pipeline. Memory hierarchy: cache and virtual memory. I / O devices.


David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy. Computer Organization Design, The Hardware / Software Interface. Morgan Kaufmann. Third Edition (There is a Portuguese version by Campus publisher)



The work will be in group maximum of 3 people. Each group must choose a single theme until 06/10. The list of topics is on the first job.


02 / 08T Course Presentation
04/08 Introduction (chap. 1) and first instructions (chap. 2)
09 / 08T Instructions (up to 2.6)
11/08 Complement of ch. 2
16 / 08T Binary numbers, representation of negative numbers, multiplier and divisor in hardware
18/08 Floating-point numbers
23 / 08T Floating Point Hardware and Performance Measures
25/08 Performance measures
30 / 08T Insights
01/09 Datapath Unicycle
06 / 09T There was no class
08/09 Multicat Datapath
13 / 09T Microprogramme and Exceptions
15/09 Debts and Exercises
20 / 09T Exam 1: Matter up to chapter 5 (inclusive)
22/09 Pipeline
27 / 09T Pipeline: Example, branch hazard, faster pipelines
29/09 Memory hierarchy
04 / 10T Caches
06/10 Caches
11 / 10T Virtual Memory
13/10 Input and Output
18 / 10T Input and Output
20/10 Multiprocessing
25 / 10T Debts and Exercises
27/10 Debts and Exercises
01 / 11T There will be no class
03/11 Working presentation: g12 / g19 / g20 / g01 / g11
08 / 11T Working presentation: g10 / g15 / g14 / g02
10/11 Working presentation: g21 / g17 / g22 / g13 / g23
15 / 11T There will be no class
17/11 Working presentation: g04 / g09 / g08 / g07 / g16
22 / 11T Debts and Exercises
24/11 Exam 2
29 / 11T Working presentation: g03 / g05 / g06 / g18
13 / 12T Examination