MC722 - Computer Systems Design

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Tue: 08h-10h and Thu: 08h-10h

Waiters Tuesday: 10 am - 12 pm (Room 10 of the IC). For other times, send an email.

Living room: CB02


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13/12 Final Notes released.
06/12 Notes released.
05/12 Notes of work released. Only bonuses and absences are missing.
05/12 Notes second test released.
03/11 It is already released page reservation of revisions. Attention to the maximum limit of students per job. Only reviews of submitted works will be accepted. Information on the submission of the work will be put online after the deadline. Only review requests will be accepted until 10/11.
16/10 As notes are already available.
13/10 The themes of the works are already available.
13/10 The notes will be placed on the page on 16/10.
28/09 There will be no class on 05/10.
22/09 The answers to the exercises are at Xerox Physics.
03/08 The groups composition page is updated. You can now set up your groups and edit the page with the correct information. The themes will be released later and each group will be able to choose the desired theme.
26/07 See important dates at graduation calendar.


Menu: An introduction to architecture and computer organization. Technology and historical perspective. Performance measures. Set of instructions. Memory. Units of electrical arithmetic. Basic design of a processor. Pipeline. Memory hierarchy: cache and virtual memory. I / O devices.


David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy. Computer Organization Design, The Hardware / Software Interface. Morgan Kaufmann. Third Edition (There is a Portuguese version by Campus publisher)

I recommend that you make your class notes on the slides used in the course. Take the version that is most convenient: 1, 2, 3, 4 ou 6 slides per page.



The work will be in groups of a maximum of 3 people. See details on the Work 1.


Data Content Suggested exercise
01 / 08T Course Presentation
03/08 Chapter 2 (until the registrar name convention). 2.6
08 / 08T Chapter 2
10/08 Chapter 2
15 / 08T Chap. 3 (numerical representations and arithmetic operations)
17/08 Chap. 3 (floating point numbers) 3.9
22 / 08T There will be no class
24/08 There will be no class
29 / 08T Chapter 4 4.14
31/08 Chapter 4 and brief review of logic circuits 4.18
05 / 09T Chapter 5 (unicycle datapath) 5.2
07/09 Holiday. There will be no class
12 / 09T Chapter 5 (unicycle and multicycle datapath)
14/09 Chapter 5 (multicycle datapath)
19 / 09T Chapter 6. Pipeline
21/09 Exercises
26 / 09T Exam 1
28/09 Chapter 6. Pipeline
03 / 10T Chapter 6 (pipeline) and Chapter 7 (caches)
05/10 There will be no class
10 / 10T Caches
12/10 Holiday. There will be no class
17 / 10T Caches
19/10 Virtual Memory
24 / 10T Input / Output
26/10 Input / Output
31 / 10T Multiprocessing / Multicore
02/11 Holiday. There will be no class
07 / 11T Multiprocessing / Multicore
09/11 Multiprocessing / Multicore
14 / 11T Papers presentations: g03, g11, g12, g02, g04
16/11 Papers presentations: g01, g09, g15, g06, g14
21 / 11T Papers presentations: g05, g07, g16, g17, g08
23/11 Exercises
28 / 11T Exam 2
30/11 Papers presentations: g13, g10, g18, g19
12 / 12T Examination