MC722 - Computer Systems Design

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Tue: 08h-10h and Thu: 08h-10h

Waiters Tuesday: 10 am - 12 pm (Room 10 of the IC). For other times, send an email.

Living room: CB02


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07/12I will be available on Monday in the morning for assistance and questions. If necessary, I will reserve a room. I can solve both tests with you.
06/12The notes of the works are already in the notes page. If in front of your name there is EXAM, you must attend to take the exam next Tuesday (11/12).
04/12Second test notes in notes page. I am finishing correcting the work. For review, look for me in my office.
06/11The dates of the presentations are on the calendar at the end of this page. All group members need to be present at the presentation, only one will be presenting. The choice will be made by lottery before the presentation.
31/10The submitted works are available on the groups. If your work link is missing, it is because I did not receive the file (s) on time.
27/10Notes of the first test in notes page. The grades whose students have requested review have not yet been updated in the spreadsheet.
27/10The reviews of the works were sent by email to the authors.
25/09 Normal class on 27/09.
07/09 Form groups in wiki.
26/07 See important dates at graduation calendar.


Menu: An introduction to architecture and computer organization. Technology and historical perspective. Performance measures. Set of instructions. Memory. Units of electrical arithmetic. Basic design of a processor. Pipeline. Memory hierarchy: cache and virtual memory. I / O devices.


David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy. Computer Organization Design, The Hardware / Software Interface. Morgan Kaufmann. Third Edition (There is a Portuguese version by Campus publisher)

I recommend that you make your class notes on the slides used in the course. Take the version that is most convenient: 1, 2, 3, 4 ou 6 slides per page.



The work will be in groups of a maximum of 3 people. See details on the Work 1.


Data Content Suggested Exercise
02/08 Course Presentation - Introduction
07/08 There will be no class
09/08 There will be no class
14/08 Chapter 2
16/08 Chapter 2
21/08 Chapter 2
23/08 Chapter 3
28/08 Chapter 3
30/08 Chapter 3
04/09 Chapter 4 Transparencies (cap4)
06/09 Chapter 4
11/09 Chapter 4 annotations
13/09 Chapter 5 Transparencies (cap5) is annotations
18/09 Chapter 5 annotations
20/09 Chapter 5. Deadline for the formation of groups annotations
25/09 No class
27/09 Chapter 5 annotations
02/10 Exercises exercises
04/10 Exam 1
09/10 Chapter 6 (Pipeline) Transparencies (cap6)
11/10 Chapter 6 annotations
16/10 Chapter 6 annotations
18/10 Chapter 6. Delivery of works for review annotations
23/10 Chapter 7 Transparencies (cap7) is annotations
25/10 Chapter 7
30/10 Chapter 7. Deadline for final delivery of works annotations
01/11 Chapter 8. Transparencies (cap8) is annotations
06/11 Chapter 8 annotations
08/11 Chapter 9. Transparencies (multicore) is annotations
13/11 Papers presentations: g18, g11, g08, g20, g02, g24
15/11 There will be no class
20/11 There will be no class
22/11 Papers presentations: g01, g05, g07, g17, g09, g14
27/11 Exam 2
29/11 Papers presentations: g04, g06, g13, g19, g03, g23