MC723 - Exercise 3 - Olimpo Platform


Term: postponed until 31/03 at 8:00 am

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Submission will be by email:

Subject: MC723: Exercise 3 - RA XXXXXX

Contents: A .tgz file with all the source files (* .cpp, * .cc, * .C, * .hpp, * .H) in a directory whose name will be formed by the 6 digits of your RA. Within this directory, replicate Olimpo's directory structure including only those you have modified and / or created.

See rules detailed information for sending activities.


Integrate the module developed in the previous exercise to the Olimpo platform and develop a C program that runs on the platform's SPARC processor and reads 2 numbers 2 keyboard, sends them to X and Y, respectively, and show on the screen the values ​​of X + Y and X * Y resulting from the implementation of the module integrated to the platform.

Attention: There's one cross compiler sparc-elf-gcc installed on the IC at / n / hardware / bin. Add this path to your PATH. If you want to install at home, copy directly from the ArchC page.

The base file of the Olimpo platform is in my homedir IC (cd ~ rodolfo / pub / MC723 file Olimpo-1.3.tar.gz). The platform documentation is inside this file.


The use of a platform already designed / defined accelerates the development of systems. The Olimpo platform was designed to be the simulator of a real platform, which runs on hardware. At the end of the activity, students should be able to:

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