MC723 - Computer systems design laboratory

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Monitor: Richard Maciel (ra993207 @ ...)

Classroom: Tue: 08h-12h

Monitoring: Wed: 12h-14h

Living room: CC16 / CC02


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28/06 Date for delivery of the exam activity: 12/07 at 9:00 am. Send by email until 11/07 at 21:00. There will be no grace period for this delivery.
27/06 Notes released.
23/06 I have received deliveries from groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 so far. Corrections are in progress. See the comments so far on the course Wiki.
20/06 How will your work be evaluated? Some items are: organization, documentation, scheduled deliveries fulfilled and various questions on its theme and implementation. Remember that it must be possible to reproduce what you have done, it must be possible to run your modules on other platforms.
04/05 On 10/05 I will only be in the laboratory until 9:30. The monitor will be available for the entire period.
03/05 Evaluation of the first phase.
29/03 Meeting with at least one representative of each group, about the work, on April 05th at the time of the class. Main subjects: specification and schedule.
28/03 Updated the instructions for delivery of Exercise 3.
28/03 Deadline for sending the composition of the groups and choosing the theme of the work: 31/03. Confirm the formation of each group and the themes chosen on the Follow-up and notes.
21/03 Due to problems in the IC network (for a change), the delivery of exercise 2 was postponed to 25/03.
16/03 See the rules for delivery of activities.
28/02 Did you check your schedule? Does he match the one indicated on this page? Enjoy and check the classroom too!
10/02 Important dates of graduation calendar:
  • Withdrawal of registration: 01 to 03/05
  • Course Evaluation: 10/05
  • Last day for registration lockout: 23/05
  • Deadline for the fulfillment of the workload and course programs: 02/07
  • Study week: 04/07 to 08/07
  • Final exam period: 11/07 to 16/07


Enhance the concept of platforms by modeling a system with processor (s) and peripheral (s).


The semester will be divided into two parts: exercises (~ 1 month) and project. In the exercise section, each student will implement small activities to ensure understanding of some basic topics. In the second part, each group will implement a project that will be defined at the beginning of the semester.

All deliveries have an automatic grace period of 24 hours, but I will not accept any justification for postponement based on facts that occurred in those 24 hours. If the activity is delivered after this period, the maximum score will be deducted from 2 points per day of delay, including the days of the weekends when delivery is made electronically.


Online documents, referenced here, are also available on my homedir IC (cd ~ rodolfo / pub).


01 / 03T Presentation of the discipline
08 / 03T
15 / 03T Delivery: Exercise 1 (until 8:00 am)
22 / 03T Delivery: Exercise 2 (until 8:00 am). Postponed until 25/03 until 8:00.
29 / 03T Delivery: Exercise 3 (until 8:00 am). Postponed until 31/03 until 8:00.
05 / 04T
12 / 04T
19 / 04T Delivery: Phase 1 work (until 8:00 am)
26 / 04T
03 / 05T
10 / 05T Delivery: Phase 2 work (until 8:00 am)
17 / 05T
24 / 05T
31 / 05T Delivery: Phase 3 work (until 8:00 am)
07 / 06T
14 / 06T
21 / 06T Final delivery (until 8:00 am) and presentation at class time.
28 / 06T Delivery of bills and final service