MC723 - Computer systems design laboratory

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Tue: 08h-12h

Waiters Send email by checking

Living room: CC16 / CC02


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04/07 The notes for the exercises and works are already on the note board. Students who have taken the exam must urgently contact me to receive an activity to be delivered next week.
30/06 The notes up to exercise 4 are already on the note board. The final grades will be released on Monday (03/07).
23/06 Due to the suspension of office hours on Tuesday, June 27, the schedule for submitting work needs to be changed. There are three options for groups that have not yet presented their work: (06) Present on Tuesday, 1/27 between 06: 8-00: 10 (I will be in the room) 30 or in my office). (302) Schedule an alternative time during the next week for the presentation, sending an email to me until 2/27 at 06:8 am. (00) Groups that do not take either of these steps should make the presentation on Thursday, 3/29 at 06:9 am at IC-00. Group presentations will only be accepted with all members present.
20/06 Final delivery is postponed to Friday, 23/06 - 8:00 am (as always, automatic 1-day grace period). Groups that do not present on 20/06 must do so on 27/06.
25/05 From phase 3 onwards, I will only consider deliveries that are in the specified format.
16/05 Please send the updated specification urgently. The specifications that need to be updated are in the projects page.
02/05 All students have until 05/05 to form groups, choose a topic and talk to me about a more detailed job specification. Put on this page the information of the groups and themes.
25/04 To the groups: look for me to talk about the chosen topics and arrive at a more detailed specification.
20/04 All the activities of Exercise 5 are ready to be carried out. I apologize for the lab's problems on 18/04.
20/04 All the download files have just been moved to the ~ rodolfo / mc723 / download directory to facilitate organization.
20/04 Also choose a theme in the list of groups and put after the names of the components.
18/04 Get organized in groups of, at most, 4 people. Inform the groups on this page.
04/04 Delivery of Exercise 3 postponed to 07/04.
23/03 Exceptionally, next Tuesday, 28/03, there will be no service at the laboratory as I will be traveling all week. The delivery of exercise 3 has been postponed to allow debts to be settled before delivery. Any problem, write to me.
20/03 Tips and suggestions about the reports.
17/03 Whenever you send files to me, put only the 6 digits of the RA as a name, followed by the type of the file (.pdf, .tgz, ...) in lower case. This makes my job much easier.
14/03 Only in the first activity, I will confirm receipt of all emails.
08/03 The maximum number of pages in the reports has been increased to 2. This does not mean that the reports must necessarily have 2 pages, but that they can have 1 or 2 pages.
10/02 Important dates of graduation calendar


Improve the concepts learned in the Computer Systems Design course through exercises and the modeling of a system with processor (s) and peripheral (s).


The semester will be divided into two parts: exercises (~ 6 weeks) and project. In the exercise section, each student will implement small activities to ensure understanding of some basic topics. In the second part, each group will implement a project that will be defined at the beginning of the semester.

All deliveries have an automatic grace period of 24 hours, but I will not accept any justification for postponement based on facts that occurred in those 24 hours.


Online documents, referenced here, are also available on my homedir IC3 (cd ~ rodolfo / mc723).


Everyone must do each of the following exercises individually:

Listing with files of submissions that I have already recorded on my computer.


Each group will work on one of the themes below. Each job will have 4 delivery dates (3 partial deliveries and 1 final delivery). In case of delay in delivery of the work during the semester, 2 points will be deducted per delivery day, including weekends. The available themes are (you can suggest others):

Delivery format

A file with the name gXX.tgz, Where XX Is your group number with 2 digits (Ex .: 01 instead of 1), sent by email containing the subject: MC723 - FY - GXX, Where Y the delivery phase and XX Is your group number. Within this file there must be only one directory with the name gXXWhere XX Is the number of your group, and within that directory it must contain:
Any delivery outside the specification that does not have a prior agreement with the teacher will be strictly disregarded.


07 / 03T Presentation of the Course. Exercise 1
14 / 03T Exercise 1 and Exercise 2
21 / 03T Exercise 2 and Exercise 3
28 / 03T Exercise 3
04 / 04T Exercise 3
11 / 04T Exercise 4
18 / 04T Exercise 5
25 / 04T Exercise 5
02 / 05T Work
09 / 05T Work - Phase 1 delivery
16 / 05T Work
23 / 05T Work - Phase 2 delivery
30 / 05T Work
06 / 06T Work - Phase 3 delivery
13 / 06T Work
20 / 06T Work - Final Delivery
27 / 06T Delivery of bills and final service