MC723 - Computer systems design laboratory

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Tue: 08h-12h

Waiters Send email by checking

Living room: CC16 / CC02


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29/06 Partial notes are already on the notes.
07/06 The evaluation forms of the discipline, which were passed in the class of 05/06 are still available in the bin outside my classroom. Take a card, fill it out and put it in the envelope for your class. If you don't remember your class, see the list of enrolled students. By filling out the evaluation you help to improve the next instances of this discipline.
07/06 As stated in the calendar, there will be no class on 12/06. I will be out of Unicamp from 09/06 to 14/06.
07/06 If the file to be sent as delivery is large (greater than 200KB), send me an email with the address where I can download it instead of attaching it to the email.
28/05 Delivery of the work phases:
  • ArchC models: a file with the name gXX.tgz (XX is your group number), within it must be the files .ac and all the files created by you. Do not upload files automatically generated by ArchC.
  • Platforms: a file with the name gXX.tgz (XX is your group number), within it must be the files you made. Use the command arp --pack to package your platform. Don't forget to clean it before generating the file (use the command make distclean before).
Along with the files, send a short report containing the changes to the original proposal and a description of what was done. If you have a demo, include the commands needed to run it.
02/05 Deadline for defining themes and conversation with the teacher: 08 / 05.
18/04 New form of submission of activities: All submissions, starting today, must be made through Susy. Links to the submission pages will be placed along with the activities.
17/04 I had to slightly change the exercise program 4. Please read the comment on the exercise page (15:05 pm).
16/04 Maximum deadline for the formation of groups in the wiki: 23/04/2007 until 8:00. After this time I will form groups with the remaining students of the class.
02/04 Form groups for the second part of the discipline through the wiki. Groups can have a maximum of 4 students.
19/03 I am unable, in a timely manner, to send confirmation by email for all deliveries. So I am creating a file, according to the previous notice, with the list of all deliveries that are in my directory. This file will be updated twice (manually) per delivery: the first at the end of the delivery period (without grace period) and the second after the grace period. As already warned several times, only the last delivery on time will be considered.
19/03 Listing of the directory with all deliveries sent.
19/12 Important dates of graduation calendar.


Improve the concepts learned in the Computer Systems Design course through exercises and the modeling of a system with processor (s) and peripheral (s).


The semester will be divided into two parts: exercises (2 months) and project. In the exercise section, each student will implement small activities to ensure understanding of some basic topics. In the second part, each group will implement a project that will be defined at the beginning of the semester.

All deliveries have an automatic grace period of 24 hours, but I will not accept any justification for postponement based on facts that occurred in those 24 hours.


Online documents, referenced here, are also available on my homedir IC3 (cd ~ rodolfo / mc723).


Everyone must do each of the following exercises individually:


Delivery format

A file with the name gXX.tgz, Where XX Is the number of your group with 2 digits (Ex .: 01 instead of 1), sent by email containing the subject: MC723 - FY - GXX, Where Y the delivery phase and XX Is your group number. Within this file there must be only one directory with the name gXXWhere XX Is the number of your group, and within that directory it must contain:

Any delivery out of specification that does not have a prior agreement with the teacher will be strictly disregarded.


06 / 03T First class. Presentation and motivation of the course.
13 / 03T
20 / 03T
27 / 03T
03 / 04T
10 / 04T
17 / 04T
24 / 04T Deadline for the definition of groups.
01 / 05T Holiday.
08 / 05T
15 / 05T 1 delivery
22 / 05T
29 / 05T 2 delivery
05 / 06T
12 / 06T Delivery 3. There will be no class on that day.
19 / 06T
26 / 06T Delivery 4 (Final)
10 / 07T Exam.