MC861 / MC871: Computer Design II / III

04/10Note Board.
27/09Instructions about the simulator.
06/09Report of group deliveries with CPUs.
23/08Report of group deliveries.
23/08Consolidated list of Groups.
02/08Group formation and link to the git repository, reply in Google Classroom (I sent invitations to all those enrolled until today).
10/07There will be no class in the week of SECOMP (05-10 / 08).
10/07Don't miss the important dates of the Graduation calendar.

Introduction to the development of hardware emulators / simulators. Specifically this semester, the class will develop an emulator based on the NES.

The objective of the course is to develop a project large enough that students need to work in groups, share tasks, organize deliveries and plan development. It is important to understand the context and how the components are interconnected to develop a large system, especially when it comes to different hardware components that need to be simulated.

Documentation available online as links below:

The course will include deliveries / presentations of group work. The size of the groups will be up to 4 students, defined in the first class of the semester. The groups must make a fortnightly presentation of the progress of the project, where the last evaluation of the month will result in a score to compose the evaluation of the group. Each student's contribution will be assessed by producing code in the group's repository. There is no exam in the discipline. The average of the students will be the average of the marks of each evaluation. The dates of all evaluations are on the calendar at the bottom of this page.

This is a 12 credit course with 4 face-to-face credits on Fridays from 19:00 pm to 23:00 pm. Attendance is mandatory in classes, where the activities will be presented / delivered. The remaining 8 hours must be done in agreement with the group members.

102 / agoFirst day of school. Presentation of discipline and formation of groups. (Slides)
-09 / agoSECOMP - there will be no activities
216 / agoDelivery 1 - Follow-up
323 / ago
430 / agoDelivery 2 - Evaluation
506 / set
613 / setDelivery 3 - Follow-up
720 / set
827 / setDelivery 4 - Evaluation
904 / out
1011 / outDelivery 5 - Follow-up
1118 / out
1225 / out
1301 / NovDelivery 6 - Evaluation
1408 / NovDelivery 7 - Follow-up
15 / NovThere will be no activities
1522 / NovDelivery 8 - Evaluation
27 / Nov(Wednesday) Public presentation of semester projects
29 / NovThere will be no activities