MO401 - Computer Architecture I

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Mon: 10h-12h and Thu: 10h-12h

Waiters Tue: 10h-12h (Room 10 of the IC)

Living room: 85


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09/12 Notes and concepts were placed on the note board.
07/12 I still don't have all the notes ready. I will release them all until the next Friday (09/12)
04/11 The works already received are on the deliveries the second job. Reviewers are also allocated.
21/10 The dates of the presentations have been defined.
10/10 Reservations for the second job are updated on job page 2
10/10 The deliveries of the first job are updated on the job page 1
29/09 Themes for the second work available for choice.
27/09 Updated instructions for delivery of the first paper on the topic reservation page.
02/09 There will be no class on 05/09.
30/07 Did you check your schedule? Does he match the one indicated on this page? Enjoy and check the classroom too!
30/07 Important dates of Postgraduate calendar:
  • Special Student Registration: 04/08 and 05/08
  • Registration Change: 07/08 to 19/08
  • Registration Cancellation: 12/09 to 14/09
  • Deadline for the fulfillment of the workload and course programs: 30/11


Menu: An introduction to architecture and computer organization. Technology and historical perspective. Performance measures. Set of instructions. Memory. Arithmetic and logic units. Basic design of a processor. Pipeline. Memory hierarchy: cache and virtual memory. I / O devices.


David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy. Computer Organization Design, The Hardware / Software Interface. Morgan Kaufmann. Third Edition (There is a Portuguese version by Campus publisher)


I recommend that you look at all the exercises in the book and do those that you find relevant. Only one small subset will be indicated here.


The works are individual and must be delivered until the indicated date

First job

Choose an article related to computer architecture from one of the last two editions of the following conferences: MICRO, DAC, DATE, BAIT. The article can also be from one of the following magazines: TCAD, TVLSI, TECS. Summarize the article on 1 page (including a header with information about the article and who made the summary).

Second Work

The second work will be divided into 3 activities:
  1. Text written on a topic in the area of ​​Computer Architecture
  2. Revision of one of the other texts in the class
  3. Oral presentation
See details on the Second Work.


04/08 Course Presentation
08 / 08S Introduction (chap. 1) and first instructions (chap. 2)
11/08 Continued from ch. two
15 / 08S Binary numbers, representation of negative numbers, multiplier and divisor in hardware
18/08 Floating-point numbers
22 / 08S Floating Point Hardware and Performance Measures
25/08 Performance measures
29 / 08S Insights
01/09 Datapath Unicycle
05 / 09S There was no class
08/09 Datapath Multicycle and microprogramme
12 / 09S Exceptions and Pipeline
15/09 Pipeline
19 / 09S Exercises
22/09 Exam 1: Matter up to chapter 5 (inclusive)
26 / 09S pipeline. harzards
29/09 Pipeline. Branch prediction. Techniques for exploring parallelism
03 / 10S Memory Hierarchy
06/10 Caches
10 / 10S Virtual Memory
13/10 Input and Output Devices
17 / 10S I / O and Buses
20/10 Students released to attend the Master's Qualification Exams
24 / 10S Multiprocessing
27/10 Exercises
31 / 10S There will be no class
07 / 11S Work Presentation: 015463/029043/041481/930886/004859/049239
10/11 Work Presentation: 010086/009206/041470/041438/028352/049240
14 / 11S There will be no class
17/11 Presentation of Work and Exercises: 008619/039632/049243
21 / 11S Exam 2
24/11 Work Presentation: 049180/047748/008448/009702/041464
28 / 11S Work Presentation: 028520/041462/041468/991899/002092