MO801 / MC912 - Topics in Architecture and Hardware (Design of Advanced Digital Circuits)

General Information

Teacher: Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo (Email)

Classroom: Mon: 08h-10h and Wed: 08h-10h

Waiters Send email by checking

Living room: 96


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11/07 Final notes on the grade board.
04/07 The notes should be released by the end of this week.
09/06 12/06 class in room 96. 14/06 class in room 303 of IC-3.
06/06 Class in room 303 of IC-3. Get the implementations in the ~ rodolfo / mo801 / implementacao_t2 directory. Attention: try not to look at the source code.
29/05 Debt class at Work 2 in room 303 of IC-3.
24/05 Define the themes of Work 3 in the wiki:
17/05 There will be no summary to be delivered on 24/05.
17/05 Job Feedback 1.
04/05 Preliminary result of work 1. Attention: As stated, the results are preliminary.
20/04 The IC3 entry permit for special students is already in the IC3 ordinance. The accounts are already open and you need to sign a term of commitment and withdraw them in the IC3 administration.
17/03 Whenever you send files to me, put only the 6 digits of the RA as a name, followed by the type of the file (.pdf, .tgz, ...) in lower case. This makes my job much easier.
13/03 Only for the first and second deliveries, I will confirm receipt of all emails received.
08/03 The book "The Designer's Guide to VHDL" must be available at Livraria da Qu mica with an estimated value of R $ 90,00. The book "Comprehensive Functional Verification - The Complete Industry Cycle" has an estimated value of R $ 75,00 (10 orders are required to confirm the price and order). Phones: 3288-0048 / 3788-3403.
30/07 Check the important dates on Postgraduate calendar and graduation calendar.


Develop skills related to the design of integrated digital circuits that include: description of the circuit in VHDL, circuit test, flows and simulation tools, synthesis and analysis of energy consumption.



Articles, manuals and specifications of standards for reading during the semester will also be recommended.

Recommended development tools for the first phase of the course: GHDL e Quartus II web.


All activities are mandatory delivery. The final average of the discipline will be proportional to the number of activities delivered. An activity with a score greater than or equal to 5 will be considered delivered.

Listing with files of submissions that I have already recorded on my computer.



Each student must make a presentation during the semester. The themes of the presentations will be listed in due course. Students can volunteer for the topics. The presentations will last for 30 minutes and will be made at the end of the classes indicated in the calendar.

List of themes:


Each student must do the following tasks individually:


06 / 03S Course Presentation, Introduction and Review of Logical Circuits
Presentation.ppt (pdf)
08/03 Review of Logical Circuits CircuitoLogicos.ppt (pdf)
13 / 03S Introduction to VHDL VHDL.ppt (pdf)
15/03 Introduction to VHDL
20 / 03S VHDL Coding Style CodingStyle.ppt (pdf)
22/03 Coding for Performance Performance.ppt (pdf)
27 / 03S Tests
Tests.ppt (pdf)
29/03 There will be no class
03 / 04S Circuit modeling tips. Presentation: Stratix II TipsCircuits.ppt (pdf)
05/04 Complete Example: MAC. Presentation: Avalon Bus MAC.ppt (pdf)
10 / 04S Continuation of MAC. Presentation: Cyclone II
12/04 Subprograms. Presentation: AMBA Bus Subprograms.ppt (pdf)
17 / 04S Components, configurations and generate. Presentation: Virtex 4 Big Projects.ppt (pdf)
19/04 Leon2 processor. Presentation: CoreConnect bus Leon2.ppt (pdf)
24 / 04S Energy consumption. Presentation: Spartan 3
LowPower.ppt (pdf)
26/04 Energy Consumption, Debts, Quartus II. Presentation: OCP / IP
01 / 05S There will be no class
03/05 Check. Presentation: Microblaze Verification.ppt (pdf)
08 / 05S Comments on work 1, work 2, Check.
10/05 OCP / IP review. Changes DSP Builder
15 / 05S Check. Alter SignalTap
17/05 Class in room 303 of IC-3 - Questions about Work 2
22 / 05S Verification by Simulation (testbenches). Nios II VerificationSimulacao.ppt (pdf)
24/05 Coding Style Review
29 / 05S VHDL (other topics) VHDL2.ppt (pdf)
31/05 Class in room 303
05 / 06S
12 / 06S
19 / 06S
26 / 06S
03 / 07S
12/07 MC912 exam