MO836 - Topics in Hardware Design and Modeling

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Study of abstraction levels for hardware projects with their characteristics. Techniques for transposing / converting code between different levels of abstraction. High-level modeling using SystemC and TLM. Languages ​​for describing architectures. Processor models and features for dedicated systems. Software stack to allow the execution of processors in simulated and embedded systems. Design of peripherals and interconnection of hardware components.

The recommended bibliography for the activities of this discipline is:

  • Sandro Rigo, Rodolfo Azevedo, Luiz Santos. Electronic System Level Design: An Open-Source Approach Springer, 2011
  • Language SystemC. There are several books in the library about SystemC.
  • Language ArchC (alternate address).
  • Recent Articles

Proof: 30% of the semester grade

Project: 45% of the semester grade.

Presentations: 25% of the semester grade.

Any attempted fraud during the semester will be punished to the extent of my authority, including a zero score in the discipline.

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